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  1. JCN9801

    no screen while capturing video

    Update to ROXIO Capture Preview Monitor disappearing: On my DELL Desktop XPS-8930 I duplicated fixing this issue and then had it happen again! I completely deleted Creator NXT Pro 6. I deleted drivers for LG Ultrawide monitor (34" Model GSM59F1) and disconnected it. Rebooted. Installed NXT 7 (only the main program; no content). Rebooted. Capture preview monitor was restored. As soon as I re-connected the LG Ultrawide, the preview monitor again vanished! I still believe this is caused by Capture not knowing how to handle a two monitor configuration where #1 (DB25 connection) is larger than 1920x1080 (HDMI). GeForce GTX 1050 Ti is able to drive both output connections. I suppose I could re-install NXT 7 and try connecting another 1920x1080 monitor instead of the LG. Or alternatively changing the supported resolution on the LG to 1920x1080.
  2. JCN9801

    no screen while capturing video

    I just had this happen (exactly) on my Dell XPS-8930 desktop running NXT Pro 6. I might have an idea. I needed to run a video capture experiment on this system; normally not used for this and not since early 2018. It very briefly worked (< 1 min) and then I accidentally dragged the MediaCapture15.exe program window onto my secondary display: an LG 34" Ultra-wide (flat: 2580x1080). The preview monitor (video) disappeared and I tried all of the suggestions to get it back (capture itself and audio monitor work fine just as mentioned by OP). To no avail. Including a scrub down to bare uninstall of NXT 6 Pro using Revo Uninstaller. I believe the cause is that the preview component does not know how to handle a wide display and then just fails to launch (no message). When this system boots, the LG is the main display, until a bit later on in the boot sequence, when it switches over to the DELL S2318 monitor (original with the system). I don't seem to be able to alter this assignment / behavior and it has no other ill effects. I do find it curious that a complete from-scratch re-install of NXT 6 still somehow has "memory" of the LG display encounter and the preview monitor remains MIA. In Device Manager, and the registry, all of details associated with the LG appear related to its built-in HD audio and speakers which I do not use. On one of my laptops (HP Envy 17) I also have an LG Ultra-wide connected, but there the main laptop display is always the first monitor, and (perhaps) fortunately I have never dragged the capture program window onto it. In the past, doing this re-positioning, onto other secondary external 1920x1080 displays (and back), has never provoked disappearing the preview monitor. If I were really curious I might try a complete uninstall of the LG (HD audio and all the rest) and then see if an NXT 6 re-install returns the preview monitor (minus the LG). But not eager for this time expenditure. Since OP's encounter was on NXT 7 and mine was on NXT 6, I am also not eager to "upgrade" to NXT 8 just to see if this got fixed (history says doubtful). Just food for thought and in case somebody at HQ might wish to test my hypothesis on causation. Admittedly low priority so no expectations. Regards, JCN
  3. Thanks for all the help. You can close this item for me. ---JCN
  4. When I start MediaCapture15, I get Screen Shot #1 I have to select Video which sets Cyberlink Webcam Splitter (Screen Shot #2) as the default. It assumes that is what I want to do. I then select Roxio Video Capture USB from the pull down menu, which then sets DV (avi) as the default resolution (Screen Shot #3). I never use that, only HQ (Mpeg 2 - 720-x480 8Mbps). I want to skip all of this and have it come up as in Screen Shot #4. I looked in the Windows registry (me: not an expert) and I could not find anything obvious that had to do with setting any alternate defaults. Thanks again, sorry I was not making things more clear. ---JCN
  5. It's not that. I just want to save some typing because these settings are all that I use it for. On one laptop, I have to restart MC15 each time or it doesn't work. It must somehow know to start-up (now) with the Cyberlink Webcam and then picking USB capture, in DVD AVI mode. Thanks, ---JCN
  6. Is there a registry setting to force MediaCapture15 to start-up in "Roxio Video Capture USB" and "DVD HQ" mode? Thanks In advance... JCN
  7. Thanks! Sorry, my bad! I looked again!: Only now have NEW DEVICES! I threw out all of the OLD DEVICES last year. Below: This is where things were left w/ Tech Support last year, May 2018. I omitted my personal file copy footnotes. Reading tea leaves, it seems like they replicated the problem to some degree and appears nothing could be done. Never got any more follow up. Maybe I will try a copy of NXT 7. Does it contain a more recent capture driver ala embda64a.sys (dated 5/4/2012 12:08 pm)? FWIW: AVALON, overnight, another routine perfect capture, 11 hours, 41GB, no drops. Perhaps AVALON would command a premium on eBay? Same with GORDON, another HP 17" laptop, pressed back into service for data collection: Perfect 4-0 on captures recently but has an issue with having TWO external monitors (above ROXIO device driver has BSOD twice when dragging an open program window onto the display driven by a USB-to-HDMI adapter. Random, not repeatable on-demand). I filed a new, separate ticket for this, but suspect that this will be too rare for anybody to have encountered it before. Since GORDON is my day-to-day workhorse, once again being retired from capture duty. Attached spreadsheet: SEACRUISE 31 min clock capture summarized; same as always. Just one of those frustrating, insoluble, explainable digital conundrums that we all have to live with from time to time. I think this will pretty much wrap things up here on the Forum.... Thanks for your efforts. Signing off... ---JCN Your request (4771968) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email. Francis Ubaldo (Corel) May 7, 20:25 EDT Hello Jeffery, Thanks for the update. It seems that all your information provided needs to be further checked by our Dev Team(1). But for now, from our last agent which tried to simulate the issue, and from my simulation, here are the notes: · Frame-rate drops(2) depend on the capacity of the capture device(3), and the length of the video being captured(4) · This may or may not be affected by the age(5) of the video being captured, or the hardware being used for the captures(6) · Possible points to look into(7): · Frame rates seem to be better on Merlin and Pegasus, although an external Hard Drive was in need(8) · Might be an issue with capacity of the computer(9) that may suggest frame rate dropping, as temporary files are stockpiling and creating new temp files may not be providing enough data for the captures(10) · Capture Device may also be checked to ensure that damages weren't done(11). May need to check any significant issues regarding damages, just in case. · Device Drivers may also take part with dropping frames. Might need new batch of device drivers(12) Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions. Regards, Francis Corel Customer Support Services SEACRUISE-digital-clock-capture-31-minutes-5.7-percent-dropped-frames.xlsx
  8. Where do I buy new devices pictured above? Wish I could - Easy VHS packages available only sell old device.
  9. With all due respect, I am asking that somebody run my DIGITAL CLOCK CAPTURE experiment to verify that ~5% drift occurs between the clock displayed time and the progress bar on the file playback.

    I will go away until I hear back results on this experiment.

    Sorry for the outburst.


  10. For crying out loud: 12 hour was just a test! Trying to ID a time cycle / variance. Set Capture Length does not seem to have much of a parameter limit! I write "lengthy" because NOBODY seems to believe me (or anyone) when there is a problem, even when presented with abundant evidence of a problem. My mistake is that perhaps I assumed that evidence was cared about; perhaps not in our current political era. You seem to be belittling my experience by saying: It is my fault that I used a feature, within its parameters, and my fault when I discovered a fall short? Huh? Well it sort of worked! Would it have been better if I showed 5% drops on a 5 minute CLOCK? I can do that if it makes people happier! Glad I did not bother uploading the 40GB file to my DropBox - frankly nobody gives a #&#036;^@! Professional vs consumer? Exactly! You get what you pay for I guess. Consumer grade: bugs and rip-offs okay; keep buying it SUCKERS! No HOLLYWOOD production company would tolerate this sort of thing! 3 minutes of drops in an hour would be $15M worth of commercials in the Super Bowl! So NOBODY else (aka consumers) uses ROXIO Creator to capture anything (me doing what I want)? Must be why they sell VHS to DVD software I guess: Does it do webcam captures? Probably not! And surely won't record anything longer than a 6 hour VHS tape; I seem to recall that limitation. On occasion I need longer. And NOBODY at ROXIO adequately tests any of their ONE STAR software (mine is not the only complaint on Amazon): Once upon a time it worked for me (2011), now it sort of doesn't. How else could something this fundamental have survived into the NXT 6 release (and now NXT 7 I presume)? And all of those FORCED, MANDATORY ROXIO software upgrades because of Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, induced "incompatibilities". 95%? Good enough for consumers! I get it now: Drops are the price for being able to run at all on Windows 10! You want 100% CAPTURE? Stick with Windows XP and Creator 2010, 2011, 2012! Right now I am JUST CURIOUS as to how this bifurcation could happen (works on some, doesn't on others?) I have no mental model or theory on this... Curious that there is no curiosity out there on this conundrum. I can understand the "ROXIO politics" of not having the huge user-base / of having limited bug fix resources / etc to investigate this and not being in a position or able to admit that -- we can't help him / fix it, so just remain quiet, ignore him and he will eventually go away. That is the only mental model I have right now. My apologies. Just frustrated here with being totally ignored for years. My mistake for coming to the Forum for help instead of insults (used to it); sorry to waste your time. Giving it another week to see if anybody else weighs in! Getting ready to walk away again; wait me out. It is what gurus do. ---JCN
  11. What's your point here? As I stated in the OP, the frame drops are uniform across all time intervals. For example, 41-53 seconds THROUGH-OUT all 15 minute intervals in the 12 hour capture I reported above (see spreadsheet below). Near as I am familiar with once the first 15 minutes of capture is completed, with drops, the ROXIO software cannot go back in time and undo those drops, so a 1 hour capture would not make any difference! I did not check in with Dr. Who though. Math check note: 12 hr capture file (MPEG-2) is 41,825,392 KB or 39.89 GB (1024-based units). Then there is that annoying: Why was this not a problem 8+ years ago in Creator 2011 running on lowly Windows XP? And still not a problem in 2019! And why does AVALON, a more modern WINDOWS 10 laptop, not show this DROPPED FRAME condition now; but SEACRUISE and PEGASUS, of even most recent vintage, running Creator NXT 6 Pro, still have this problem. And where is ROXIO Tech Support in all of this? Still nothing from them after I sent in the diagnostic files they wanted. Not sure which time zone they are in, but now encroaching on a week since, with no reply: "Submit a ticket Email us and receive a response within 24 hours." I guess that only applies to the very first email sent in. Maybe I should post the entire saga on an AMAZON review. Perhaps somebody out there can RE-RUN THE CLOCK CAPTURE EXPERIMENT to verify this sad state of affairs.
  12. Okay guys, here’s the deal: For more than a year and a half (maybe two) I have encountered DROPPED FRAMES using ROXIO Creator NXT (Versions 5 & 6, regular and Pro) to capture video. This occurs routinely on two laptops: ‘MERLIN’ : a Dell Precision M6500 workstation (Intel i5-M540 2.53GHz 8GB) – vintage Jul 2009 (used from eBay Mar 2014) ‘SEACRUISE’ : an HP Envy 17 Notebook PC (Intel i7-6700HQ 2.60 GHz 16GB) – vintage Jul 2015 (refurb from eBay Jul 2018) The result is around 3% - 6% dropped frames, uniformly across capture sessions ranging in length from 30 min to 12+ hours. Two of my other systems show nearly zero dropped frames! ‘AVALON’ : An HP Envy TS 17 Notebook PC (Intel i7-4700MQ 2.40 GHz 16 GB) – vintage Nov 2013 ‘ISSAC’ : A Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop running Windows XP – vintage May 2008 Pulled off the shelf and re-animated for this investigation and still able to run its original Creator 2011 Special Edition (MediaCapture13.exe file – Build 31B66A 701KB 7/16/2010 7:20 am). All of my systems, except ISSAC, run the latest version of Windows 10 (Feature Update 1803) and have successfully updated themselves over several years; all are virus checked, drivers are updated, image backed up, etc. I use Roxio USB dongles (two each of Model MU3192-E and Model MU3180-E) from various Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus packages and the Creator NXT MediaCapture15 program. Capture quality is set to HQ (MPEG-2 720x480). The following actions do not alter these results: Trying different capture dongles on different systems Frequent rebooting Trying different video sources: DVRs / VHS tapes Driver updates Software re-installations (from scratch and ‘repair’) Running MediaCapture at different Windows task priorities: Normal, Above Normal or High. Of special note, the USB dongle connection on ISSAC is via an Express Card USB 3.0 two-port adapter, and yet it has almost no dropped frames! All other dongle connections are native USB 3.0. With one exception, noted next, files on all systems are to captured to their respective second, non-OS internal hard drive (‘PEGASUS’ to a separation partition). MERLIN has a very small system drive (128 GB SSD) with very limited free space, so its captures are directed to an external hard drive (via another Express Card USB 3.0 two-port adapter). And yet, as recently as mid-February on MERLIN, there were three captures (from a DVR) that showed almost no dropped frames: Two files were approximately three hours each (total of four seconds dropped), and the third was a five hour capture with 20 seconds dropped. Otherwise, most captures on MERLIN (before and after) follow a more typical 5% drop pattern. Yet another unexplained anomaly. But wait, there’s more: At the end of Nov 2017, I bought a new Dell XPS 8930 desktop system (‘PEGASUS’) and I was shocked to discover that it immediately showed the DROPPED FRAMES anomaly! At the time, I decided to pursue this problem more aggressively, since (a) it occurred on a brand new high-powered desktop system and (b) was using the newest version: Creator NXT 6 Pro. Over following two months I tried almost every possible combination of video sources (DVR recordings & Live TV); different audio/video cables, different USB capture dongles on different systems, different USB ports. Creator was re-installed multiple times (incl. with absolute minimal software), drivers were checked, updated, removed, and re-installed. The dropped outcomes were unchanged; the results remained correlated with each system as cited above. During that period, Jan-Feb 2018, I sent many copies of these results to ROXIO Technical Support and urged them to try duplicating and confirming my experience. I got nothing back and had to give up when my schedule was pressed with other, non-computer matters. Toward the end, I was shuffled around to other technicians, having to explain everything from scratch each time. There were no effective suggestions offered amid very long periods with no replies at all. During the Spring and Summer of 2018 I traveled quite a bit and I could only check-in a couple of time with Tech Support for status updates. I got no replies and gave up once again. Now, after a year away, I am trying to reopen this issue. While traveling, I discovered a decades old, large LCD clock at my brother’s house, and hit upon a much simpler and more straight-forward way to demonstrate this problem, minimizing extraneous factors like video sources, cables, etc. Using the laptops’ the built-in webcams, I captured the displays of that digital clock using MediaCapture15 (MediaCature13 on ISSAC) with source set to CyberLink Webcam Splitter. Let’s see if the drop conditions still happens with these configurations! Yes, they do! In one recent 12 hour capture session, the SEACRUISE file showed consistent dropping of 41-53 seconds worth of frames over each 15 minute clock interval (average drop was 5.35%). Occasionally, at interval boundaries, there was obvious skipping / jumping in the video display and in the audio (background from a live TV broadcast). In contrast, at the end of a six hour clock capture on 2/26/2019, the AVALON capture file differed from the clock by THREE SECONDS and at the end of a six hour clock capture on 2/27/2019, the ISSAC capture file was different from the clock by only 20 seconds. For the re-opened support ticket, I have submitted the requested WinAudit and msinfo32 diagnostic files (again – this time for SEACRUISE) to ROXIO Tech Support but with very low expectations that anything substantive will happen. It has been a week already with no feedback. I also sent along an interval comparison spreadsheet, from that 12 hour clock capture run at High Priority, and screen shots showing the drift, over one four hour interval, of 5.42% between the displayed clock and the playback file progress bar. I can make these items available on the Users Forum if anybody is interested. As I experienced more than a year ago, ROXIO Tech Support seems, once again, totally unwilling to try replicating my experiments on their equipment or perhaps, even more unwilling, to share their results. I simply cannot understand ROXIO’s reluctance to investigate. I have reported a serious defect in their products, across multiple PC, and yet one that is not present in some other PCs. ROXIO continues to add capture capabilities to its newer software (3D, multiple camera) and yet my problem is at a more basic ‘Feature 101’ level: A simple webcam capture. This problem spans different Windows versions and PCs built across almost 10 years – including a brand new, state-of-the-art model – by two different major manufacturers (Dell and HP); and yet does not seem to be present in an 11 year old laptop running Windows XP using an eight year old release of ROXIO software. Has testing ever revealed this problem? When did this issue suddenly ‘re-appear’? How do they test ‘video capture’ anyway? That itself has to be called into question given my results. What systems (vendor, model, configuration) does ROXIO use in development, in testing? Maybe I should buy what they are using! Maybe nobody ‘out there’ in the user base actually uses Creator to capture their webcams or their parents’ 35 year old wedding videos! That might be one explanation for why I see no similar complaints for this on the Forum: Nobody uses it! Seriously, an investigation suite would be : a laptop, a webcam and a digital clock! And how much effort can this be? Launch a 2:00 hour capture, 3:00 or more if you thrive on data, shower, feed the dog and go to a movie! It’s akin to watching paint dry; not exactly rocket science! So I am hereby issuing a ROXIO Creator Users’ call-to-action! Some of you, perhaps several of you: Please try what ROXIO will not: RUN THE CLOCK CAPTURE! REPORT BACK WHAT YOU FIND! The more different systems that are tried in this experiment, the better with be the chances of figuring out what is at the root of this persistent and vexing problem! Good luck and thanks in advance for any ‘contributions’! ---JCN
  13. I had the same issue (Dazzle dongle vs Roxio) but I see none of the referenced stuff in Device Manager. Has Roxio packaged the stuff needed to follow "No Video --- Device Showing Up as Dazzle..." ???
  14. Update to the long, sad story (above). I had to roll back both MERLIN (correction: this one is Windows 10 Pro) and AVALON (correction: this one is Windows 10 Home) to Version 1607 (Anniversary). I found KB 3073930 on MS website to HIDE unruly updates incl CREATORS. It appears that this will work even under HOME EDITION but that is just speculation on my part at the moment. It does appear to block 1703 on PRO EDITION, but the update in question actually has to be in the WU queue first.. Keeping Roxio Video Capture open 24x7 appears to make my laptop look "busy" so at least I get the notification that 1703 suddenly appears in the update queue! Is there any chance that (a) Roxio will issue FIXED DRIVERS for Video Capture USB for CREATORS? Surely I am not the only person who has encountered this problem. ( Can anybody confirm that NXT 5 video capture actually works with CREATORS UPDATE? © Barring those solution can anybody confirm that a DRIVER rollback works in this situation and instructions for how to do this? My approach under © would be: Use DriverMax to capture existing working drivers under Windows 1607 (done on MERLIN already, AVALON is next). Let the CREATORS update happen. Using DriverMax's "restore drivers" capability revert the Roxio drivers to those that were working under Windows 1607. I have no idea if this will even fly, or be effective. Comments? Suggestions? Thx, ---JCN
  15. i decided to give the Windows Creators Update another shot, since WU is getting ever more belligerent about upgrading. My two "capture" laptops MERLIN (Dell M6500 workstation) and AVALON (HP Envy 17) were first. After the upgrade: Still the case that pressing the CAPTURE button (inside of MediaCapture15.exe) immediately lowers the recorded volume by at least 10 dB. However if you have Control Panel > Sound > Recording > Line (Roxio) > Properties > Levels on the screen and immediately "nudge" the level slider, the recording level is reset to normal! Even if by only a tiny amount (92 > 91), anything at all and the level pops back up to normal! Can anybody verify that this same situation occurs on their system (Creator NXT 4)? All of my systems use IDT Audio and standard Microsoft supplied drivers. So I concluded that re-installing Creator NXT 4 would not fix anything here. Also does this same effect occur with NXT 5. If not I am first in-line to upgrade. If still persists can Roxio please issue a patch for this major annoyance (4 & 5)? Note the same recording level reduction occurs when END CAPTURE is pressed and also merely by visiting the capture OPTIONS menu (not even doing anything!) Keep the level slider open and be vigilant! ---JCN