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  1. THANK YOU!! That was exactly what I needed. I was pretty sad thinking I was going to send this thing back to Amazon but now its perfect. Thanks again. I'm not always going to use it for recording. I'd like to take it out of town with me so I can play my 360 on my laptop screen when there is no TV available. I have a 17 inch widescreen so its like having a small TV and I'd have the laptop with me either way so its a nice solution. Claudio has fixed my issue though.
  2. I just got my game capture. I used to have a Gamebridge to record my stuff, I also used it with my laptop sometimes instead of a TV. I like to take my 360 out of town with me but dont want to drag a TV around, so I'd just use the Gamebridge and set it up like im going to record but go full screen and use my laptop as a TV. Its a crappy product compared to the Roxio but I cant get a full screen image while using the software. I assume its not possible in Roxio's software, but does anyone know some other software that would make this possible?