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    Archive Avchd Vid Direct To Dvd/blu-Ray

    Thank you very much. I did that and it worked, so i really appreciate your help. The only downside is that it was a very long process. I got it to work by another method and it was really fast. This is what I did: I had over 500 scenes so I used Tsmuxer's "m2ts muxer" and joined all the .mts files into 2 big .m2ts file (took 10 mins). I then used multiAVCHD and added the two .m2ts files and created an avchd project for playback on blu-ray players (took 25 mins). Lastly, I burned the project onto a blu-ray disc (approx 20 mins) and popped it into the blu-ray player, and it worked perfectly
  2. user1991

    Archive Avchd Vid Direct To Dvd/blu-Ray

    It's a Canon HD Vixia Hg 20 camcorder, and the file format is .mts. It has MXP, FXP, XP+, SP, and LP modes. However I had recorded some videos in MXP and some in SP mode (I only got to archive the vids in SP mode on DVDs so far; i didn't figure out how to do the ones in MXP mode). I didn't realize this until couple days ago, but the files that were shot in MXP cannot be burnt to dvds, because it had said the bitrate is not supported by DVDs. That's y I wanted to know if I can archive the videos onto a blu-ray for playback rather than DVDs, because I was told that blu-ray players can playback files with that bitrate.
  3. user1991

    Archive Avchd Vid Direct To Dvd/blu-Ray

    yes i am making avchd discs. I am new to this so i may be confusing at times. I just need to preserve the original quality of my camcorder's avchd videos and put them onto either dvds or blu-rays for playback. what are my best options for retaining the original quality? these r my options so far. -setting the quality to the highest resolution and creating a dvd/blu-ray disc -creating an avchd disc
  4. user1991

    Archive Avchd Vid Direct To Dvd/blu-Ray

    okay, so that means the archived dvd (105mins) had a reduction in the quality? and the one that took 8hrs was the better quality one?
  5. user1991

    Archive Avchd Vid Direct To Dvd/blu-Ray

    Sorry for confusing you. Now that I know what the difference between backing up and playing back is, my goal is playback. I created an avchd 4.5gb dvd in roxio 2011 and it took almost 8 hrs (i included a menu in it), and it played back on the blu-ray player perfectly.... 40 mins filled up the disc However, I then tried the "archive avchd video" in roxio, and burned more avchd videos directly from my camcorder onto another 4.5gb dvd, and it took only 15mins, and played back on the blu-ray player as well... (there was no option to add a menu so the archived dvd didn't have a menu...105mins of video filled the disc) Now my question is, will a blu-ray player playback an archived avchd blu-ray disc instead of an archived dvd disc? because from the "archive avchd video" option in roxio, you can burn the archived avchd video onto either a blu-ray or dvd disc.
  6. Hi, I have a camcorder and the files are avchd format. I also have a blu-ray burner and player, as well as a dvd burner and player. I would like to know how long it would take to archive avchd (for example, a total of 25gb) directly onto dvds or a blu-ray disc from my camcorder using roxio 2011. If it takes long, what is the fastest way to get them backed up onto discs for playback on either blu-ray or dvd players... taking into consideration that i want to preserve the hd quality. Thank You