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  1. any ideas without spending anymore money?
  2. btw is this your job? because your awesome for helping out all these people ive read like all the post that had to do with "Will this run on my computer?" and youve helped or atleast tried to help them ill take your word for it and buy one soon
  3. ReViiiZe

    Will Rgc Run For My Laptop?

    never mind sorry
  4. I was really interested about this capture card. I have a dazzle but to record a really nice quality, it would drop a lot of frames so i wondered if that will happen to this capcard. So then i tried the virtualdub test but i had similar problems like I had no dropped frames but i had a lot of inserted frames. I changed it to 30fps, still got inserted frames so idk if i should buy this product. Can you please tell me if my computer is good enough to run rgc