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    Ntsc Changes To Pal

    I'll look for MPEG2Works then. Of course, the simplest solution would be to upgrade to Toast 9.0 (for OS 10.4.11) or upgrade to Toast 11.0 on my Mac at the office. Sigh. And thank you!
  2. T_Hug

    Ntsc Changes To Pal

    Version 6.0.3 has minimal preferences: Prompt to save changes when quitting, Install Toast It contextual menu plug-in; Toast Anywhere start; and Converted Items information. The only place I can select NTSC or PAL is the create Video Disk window.
  3. T_Hug

    Ntsc Changes To Pal

    When trying to burn a video disk using Toast 6.0.3, the NTSC disk setting automatically changes to PAL when I click "Record". Naturally the disk won't play on my television since I'm in the U.S. How do I stop this? Disk WILL play on my Mac.