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    Audio On Dvd Bluray Jutter And Not In Sync

    Hi and thank you for your reply. Yes i checked the temp folders are empty i do regular defrag of my standard drives and i have switched of prefetch superfetch and pagefile i am running windows 7 64 bit. The roxio program works very fast with rendering it is just that the sound and image do not match and it sounds as if the words are short i.e small become on the video mall reminds me of the old comedy type who pretends the mic is faulty and keeps tapping it as if to make it work. If it was not that on wmp it played fine i would wonder if the sound was recoreded wrong Allan
  2. Hi. I have owned roxio 2010 pro creator and used it to burn DVD of camera HD video from a Canon 7D and Canon G12 this worked really well. When i upgraded my pc for an intel I7 and 16gb ram i thought wow this will be good. I bought 2011 pro however when i use the same clips that would work before in DVD maker it plays sound way out it seems in advance and jutters. The clips 3 in total only last about 5 mins. They play fine in WMP but both when you check the content in roxio or burn on a dvd it has sound issues, picture is very good, I have tried unistall and reinstall. The program has been on a raid 0 array and standard 7200rpm disk the files are working on a SSD drive so plenty of power. Any ideas please Thanks Allan