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    Background Problem On Some Images

    Thanks, so after I download the new driver, what would you recommend from there? Do I need to re-open the project and go through the savings and burning process again? So create a new image file etc. Or once the driver is downloaded, can I just burn the original image.iso file?
  2. robmac5555

    Background Problem On Some Images

    Thanks for the reply. Is this the answer you're looking for? Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS Checked for updates and Windows determined it's up to date.
  3. I've successfully created my first movie, got it on a dvd and gave it to my wife as a birthday present today. We watched the movie and there was something happening in the playback that wasn't happening while on my hard drive. I'm not sure if this started during the save or burn process. There was about 4 sequences with pictures (on 'auto motion'), along to songs, with video in between. During the auto motion playback of the picture, any pictures that were portrait oriented, had a background of the 1st picture in the sequencen rather than a black background. Any other pictures, landscape oriented photos filled the screen just fine. I thought the portrait pictures would just have a black background. This problem was consistent with each of the 4 picture sequences in the movie. Any suggestions?
  4. robmac5555

    Help! First Time Trying To Burn Dvd

    Thanks for your reply, it is all making sense now. What brand of DVD would you recommend?
  5. robmac5555

    Help! First Time Trying To Burn Dvd

    WWOOOOOHHOOOOOOH!!!! That last burn attempt worked, but still not sure what I did wrong the first 2 times. Any suggestions would be helpful!
  6. robmac5555

    Help! First Time Trying To Burn Dvd

    My wife's birthday is in 2 days, I've made a video to burn to DVD, and I can't get it to burn to DVD. I've tried twice to burn to DVD and got error messages, about process aborted both times. Sorry I don't have the full mgs.I was on the page that gives the opton of Burn disc, Save image file, create folder process. I went through the disc image file process, and when doing so the program create 2 new folders in my harddrive. The one called Video_TS contains VOB and IFO files. If I open Windows Media Player, I can view the full movie by opening file named video_ts.ifo. There is also another file that it created in the library called image.iso, and the thumbnail is the Roxio symbol. I double clicked on that thumbnail and it took me to Roxio Creator and at the moment is "Burning disc, please wait". Questions: 1. Can you only burn disc, or save image file one at a time? 2. I'm using Windows 7, a Maxell DVD-RW, am I forgetting to do some basic step? Does the DVD need formatting or something? 3. The video segments in the project contain mostly wmv format, but there are a few mp4's and mpg's. Are these okay formats? If you need more information, please let me know. I'm in a huge panic, it will be the best brithday present but I've go to get it to disc!!!