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    popcorn 1 will not register online

    no dice. any other suggestions?
  2. jad211

    popcorn 1 will not register online

    I purchased popcorn as a download back in february through sonic's website and have been using it fine ever since. everything was groovy until i tried to register the product with roxio.com tonight and got this after entering the serial number: PRODUCT_REGISTERATION_PRODUCTS_DIFFER i still have all the emails with the download links, etc, from element 5 that were sent at the time of purchase, and cut and paste the serial number right from it and it refuses to accept it, over and over again. i bought it legit, the program works with the serial number i was provided...so what gives? i just purchased toast 7 titanium tonight and once i actually managed to log in ... [start rant] ...despite having to re-do the order 4 times because it would not accept a perfectly valid credit card, getting an order confirmation in my email box but never receiving anything indicating i needed to 'activate' my account and thus could not log in with the email address i had placed the order with and had to create a new account with the same email after spending hours trying to find any support. no toll-free number, no weekend hours and least helpful online support system in history. drop a few hundred bucks on software and get roxann in return....roxio is practically screaming "LEAVE US ALONE!" but i'm sure i'm not the first to complain about all that... [/end rant] ... it registered without a hitch. why the problems with popcorn registration?