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    My ticket no. 1289226 I'm not sure that even this will get through. The last e-mail I got from you said that because you have not heard from me for so long that you are going to view my status as resolved. Well that is so far from the truth.I am not able to go through the normal or perscribed channels.Until I got your cineplayer dvd decoder pack 2.3.1-esd , the only problem I had with my comp. was the dvd, cd did not work, well now things are so screwed up I have trouble getting my mail.So you see my top mission is to get my comp. back to where it was before we met, then I will take up the dvd, cd problem again. Not with you guys. To sum it all up what the customer support and other support consists of is circle talk. You know if I did'nt know better, I would think it was designed that way.One very unhappy customer. Gary