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  1. So whenever I try to do a live commentary on a game, it makes a really annoying buzzing noise. It works fine when I do gameplay, but only does it with commenataries. Please help me.
  2. I do exactly as you did but the image on my computer is really fuzzy and isnt a video.
  3. Neilo19

    Help With Non Hd Tv

    Please can anyone help me!? I don't want to go out and buy a HD TV just for this thing.
  4. I think that it would, because it records any noise coming out from the TV, so if you put the Mic input to Speakers and headphone, then it shoudl work.
  5. So I have a non HD tv, but I've seen videos of people hooking up there Game Capture to a Non HD tv. I did everything that they did, but when I go to record, it's just a fuzzy image, not a constant video. It's making me really mad because I bought this about a month ago and its just been collecting dust. I'm wondering if anyone can help me!?