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    Upgrade procedure from 7 to 10

    I'm currently running Toast vs. 7 on my Intel MacBook. I just won a copy of Toast 10 at a MUG meeting. In the manual it shows how to install Toast, but it's not clear how to do it if you have an existing version already on your computer. Do I need to uninstall vs. 7 first, or will the 10 install prompt to overwrite the prior version?
  2. teacher24_70

    .dmg From Idvd Loses Dvd-rom Contents Burned Through Toast

    Thanks tsantee. I must have done it a different way last year and forgot. Isn't it logical that it should burn exactly what's on the Disk Image (.dmg)? Is this a bug in Toast 7 or is there a legitimate reason for it to work this way?
  3. I created a .dmg (disk image) in iDVD containing a movie and a folder of photos in the DVD-ROM section. I burned the DVD in Toast 7.1.3 because it makes it so easy to do mass copies. In Toast, I chose "Copy--Image File" and selected the .dmg that was created with iDVD. When mounted on my desktop, the .dmg contains the folder of photos. I just assumed that they were making it to the burned DVD's. After burning 63 copies, I discovered that the burned DVD was MISSING the entire folder of photos that had been placed for DVD-ROM access. Needless to say, I was VERY frustrated. It's too late to fix it now, I'm just giving them the DVD and telling them that the pictures are not on it like I thought. However, I'd like to avoid this problem in the future. I did this last year with our end-of-year slideshow and it worked fine. How could the .dmg contain the folder, but the burned DVD from the .dmg have it missing? I'm running the programs on my MacBook running 10.5.6.
  4. teacher24_70

    burning multi-session DVD's (versus "BurnAgain DVD" application)

    Thanks for letting me know. I figured that it probably wouldn't allow the replacement of modified documents, and I was unsure whether it would adding information within the same "session" icon, but I was hoping that it would at least allow multi-session, multi-icon burns. Sometimes I need to backup more than will fit on my current flashdrives, but not enough to fill the DVD. It would be nice to be able to keep adding more until the DVD is full. Maybe Leopard will support this!
  5. teacher24_70

    Is there an RSS feed for the forum?

    I've found that it's extremely easy to keep up with my favorite forums if there is an RSS feed that I can view from NetNewsWire. Is there an RSS feed for the Toast/Roxio forums?
  6. There's a program called BurnAgain DVD that is described as the following: " BurnAgain DVD lets you use your CDs almost like a harddisk. It simply adds files to CDR,CDRW and DVD+RW several times without creating multiple volumes and without erasing the disk in a platform independent way. If items already on the disk are burned again, BurnAgain DVD automatically evaluates the changes and adds only new or changed files to the disk. BurnAgain DVD allows to change the title of the disk at each burn, hiding of previously burned files and preserves all HFS specific attributes (resource forks) during burn. This makes BurnAgain DVD a absolutely unique application on the Mac." Are all of these things possible with Toast? Which things are possible and which things are not possible?
  7. teacher24_70

    Making copies of Hybrid CD

    Thanks for the input. I guess it will just take some experimenting. I hadn't thought about using a CD-RW. I guess I didn't realize that you could use one to make a hybrid disc, but it's worth a try.
  8. teacher24_70

    Making copies of Hybrid CD

    Does anyone know how this would work? Is my original e-mail clear or does something need clarified?
  9. teacher24_70

    Making copies of Hybrid CD

    If I burn a Hybrid CD using Toast on my Mac (so that PC users see some different files than Mac users), do I have to make copies of the Hybrid CD using Toast also? For example, if I make the original hybrid CD on my Mac with Toast, can I take that CD to my Windows computer at work and make exact duplicates using Windows XP & the "Record Now" software? Will the copies of the CD still retain the Hybrid status?
  10. teacher24_70

    Multi session

    I could be wrong, I'm new to Toast also, but I think it allows multi-session CDs, just not mult-session DVDs.
  11. teacher24_70

    Multi-session CD burning--seeing "old" content

    If I already have data saved to a CD and I use Toast to add an additional session, is there a way (within) Toast to see what's "old" content and what I have slated as "new" content that I'm ready to burn.
  12. I've just recently started using Toast and I have a question that I couldn't find the obvious answer to in Toast help. I'm sure that the answer will be obvious to me after I've used it for awhile, but right now it isn't. Let's say that I've set up one burning project and successfully burned it and ejected the disc. Now I'm ready to burn another disc with new data. Do I need to quit out of Toast or is it automatically ready for a new "project"?