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    Difficulty Playing A Simple Dvd On Pc

    So, I'm thinking - use the disk and replace the program I previously downloaded with that? Or, I guess I remove the program first and then use the disk? Sorry for my technical idiotness.
  2. Gramento

    Difficulty Playing A Simple Dvd On Pc

    ACK! I tried to "repair" it and it says the CP.MSI path not found or I don't have access to it. I tries it again - same. I tried to find alternate CP.MSI path - did search function. Nada. Zilch. Rien.
  3. Gramento

    Difficulty Playing A Simple Dvd On Pc

    The only options that show up are: 1) Play DVD using Windows Media Player 2) Open Folder to Read 3) Take no action I have Windows XP Home, version 2002, Service Pack 3 The Cineplayer DVD Decoder Pack 2.3.1-ESD was purchased on 11/28/09. Maybe I need to re-download it? Thanks!
  4. I was told, when I purchased Roxio Creator 9, (both online and CD - yes I'm an idiot), that playing DVD's on my PC would be a breeze. That hasn't been the case. When I put the DVD in, it says it needs whatever decoder and says I have to purchase a Roxio product? What other product do I supposedly need? I'm not trying to burn, just play! Thanks!