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  1. Just posting this here in case anyone else happens to hit the same problem, esoteric though it may be. Although TiVo Transfer has a setting in Preferences to let you switch where the folder is, it still seems to want the original folder location to remain in place as well. Or at the very least, you can't put a symbolic link (I.e., a Unix shortcut/alias type of thing) with the same name as the folder in your Documents. My TiVo Transfer kept crashing on me, but once I placed a "TiVo Recordings" folder back in my Documents folder, it began working again.
  2. Thanks for the advice, tsantee. I had tried the plist/Extras Menu stuff already on your advice, but to no avail. I upgraded to Toast 11 and it's able to see my Premiere now. The version number of Tivo Transfer is still listed as 2.0 in the menu, but in the Finder it's 2.1. I'm having the same problem with Mac2TiVo that others are, though.
  3. I also have a new Premiere with TiVo Transfer 2.0 and Toast 9 -- it saw my old Series 3, but it won't see my Premiere. I can access the Premiere listings by inputting the IP address in my browser, so I'm thinking it's not a firewall issue. Baffled.