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    Burned Dvd Has No Sound

    Hi Jim, BINGO.....did exactly as you suggested below with Videowave and got the perfect result. Many thanks indeed for your help.....I would still be fluffing around without it! Best regards Glyn
  2. Glyn Danter

    Burned Dvd Has No Sound

    Thanks a lot Jim..... I've got a few DVD RW's so that's OK! I'll follow up on your suggestions tomorrow and many thanks for your advice....I'll keep you posted how things go. Never done anything with Video wave so I'll be pushing my limits but I'll be interested to see how it goes. Thanks again Glyn
  3. Glyn Danter

    Burned Dvd Has No Sound

    Hi Jim, Thanks a lot for your continued assistance. The movie is a home video taken on my Sony Handycam and recorded on a Memorex Mini-DVD (-RW). I normally just copy these Mini-DVD's to another DVD using Roxio and they are fine to play on my DVD player etc. However, this mini-DVD was quite badly scratched and it wouldn't read it so I looked around for some utility that could possibly recover the movie. It had something like 36 chapters (approx 27 minutes). I found IsoBuster and this did the job. It recovered the file (all but the last 2 or 3 chapters) so I ended up with approx 25 minutes of my original movie. So I have a VTS_1 file which is .99GB in size. I don't remember changing the quality setting from what I assume would be the default. Yes it is PAL setting. The final project seems to have created just one chapter covering the whole 25 mins....i.e. no chapters as per the original. I also created the project with an Intro screen per MyDVD with a default music. How it works in Preview?... perfectly would be the answer. The intro comes up fine followed by the whole video. The intro has the music; the video has the audio as originally recorded. When I burn it, I end up with a DVD that on both my PC DVD player and on my home DVD player has the Intro with sound but the whole video without sound. I've used DVD-R and DVD-RW....same result. Hope the above is helpful.....anything else I can tell you? Thanks again Glyn
  4. Glyn Danter

    Burned Dvd Has No Sound

    Hi Jim, Did as you suggested - changed audio to LPCM, clicked Reset (reset all movies) and Ok and then used DVD-RW to test it as you suggested. Unfortunately I got the same result i.e. perfect video with sound on the intro screen but no sound at all on the actual video itself. Frustrating!! Any other ideas? I'm losing my hair!! Glyn
  5. Glyn Danter

    Burned Dvd Has No Sound

    Hi Jim, Thanks very much for the quick reply. I have Creator 2010. I'll try your suggestion in the morning....it's 11.00pm in Sydney at the moment and I'm off to bed!! I'll let you know how it goes. best regards
  6. Glyn Danter

    Burned Dvd Has No Sound

    I have set up a video on MyDVD on Creator 10. The preview on my PC before burning is perfect....it plays perfectly with the sound. When I burn it to a DVD (DVD-R) the burn goes Ok but when I come to play the finished DVD it does not have any sound either on my PC DVD player or on my television DVD player. Interestingly I added an Intro screen at the beginning and this has sound and it plays on the burned DVD!! Hope someone can help.....I'm tearing my hair out!