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    I have the same problem,

    Thanks for the fast reply. You removed what? I disable all the item that would intefered with the software. If you suspect or read things about the media why not try different media? Did not suspect the DVD, I just said that I have not any issue in the previous version, but will tried to find the other brand that you mentionned in previous post. ANd |I have used the record DVD option. Thank you and have a great day.
  2. Hi all, I have the same problem, my OS version is Windows 7 home edition, 4gb of RAM, processor 1.7ghz quad core, video card GE Force GT330M 1GB dedicated video,I done all updates even video card. Previous version of easy VHS to DVD was working but since I update to EDV3 plus nothing works. I did remove from startup (msconfig). I use DVD brand TDK and Memorex. Any other suggestion beside changing the media? Thanks Guy
  3. Hi to all of you, I would like to pick some brains here, I have a previous version of Roxio Creator special edition 2011(retail)include a software call "convert VHS to DVD", I use the software that convert the VHS to DVD many times without any issue, recently I purchase an upgrade of Roxio Creator 2012 Pro from Roxio website(electronically) that I have also installed without any problems to run the program. My question is, when I went back to run "convert VHS to DVD" program I don't see it nowhere in my start menu. Is this missing software is due to the conversion of Roxio Creator 2012 Pro??? Hopefully I did not confused anyone. Thank for all the replies. epsonsalt_1
  4. epsonsalt_1

    Upgrade From Roxio Creator 2011 To 2012 Pro

    Thank you soo much, this is awesome and quick response. I will buy the 2012 Pro version.
  5. Hello, I have a question about upgrading from plain Roxio creator 2011 to 2012 Pro. Is this something that I can upgrade with or this is not feasable because I do not own a 2011 Pro version. Thank you and have a great day.