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  1. I use Toast Titanium 6.1.1 on my Intel iMac. When I burn .wav or .aif files to an audio CD, sometimes the 1st second or two gets cut off of the beginning of the song. Especially if it's the 1st song on the disk. They play pretty good from song to song after the first song, but if I move ahead to the next song, sometimes it happens on that song. This happens a lot on my car cd player and less often on my DVD/CD player in my home AV setup. It doesn't happen at all on my Walkman type CD player or my little Sony boom box player. The guy who mastered my songs said it could be the software and/or hardware I'm burning with. I have no such problems playing these back as files on my computer or as mp3s on any device. I solved the problem, I think by adding another second of silence at the beginning of each file, but I'm not sure if they may or may not have compromised my masters in any way. Anyone have any thoughts?