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  1. AlaskaDave

    Ver 3.0.4 No Longer Launches

    I decided to give DVD2one a try. Roxio's response really turned me off.
  2. AlaskaDave

    Popcorn And Lion

    I'm considering on updating my version 3 of Popcorn to 4 and was wondering if it works in Lion. I don't see it listed under compatibility but this would determine if I was to upgrade or not. Thanks for any advice on the matter.
  3. AlaskaDave

    Ver 3.0.4 No Longer Launches

    I tried both, no luck. I do have Popcorn 3 running on my laptop which is also running 10.6.6 and it runs fine. I keep my movies on my Mac Mini so having it on my laptop is far from ideal. I emailed Roxio and the message back although responsive was not what I wanted to hear. They said they don't support legacy software and my only form of support are the forums. We're talking one version back. Perhaps it's time to look for a replacement to Popcorn?
  4. AlaskaDave

    Ver 3.0.4 No Longer Launches

    Running on Mac OS 10.6.6 my license of Popcorn 3.0.4 will no longer launch. Tried reinstalling but that did not seem to do anything. Any ideas?