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    Photoshow 6 Won't Play All My Pics

    LOL....ok,ok, I will answer the question...All the pics were jpegs, I was trying from my desktop and the music was wav(?). I realized that was the only thing different in the slides. Once I converted it to mp3, it played fine. But I still can't get the dvd to burn. Here's the deal...I am saving it as wmv, but it continues to save as a black screen. The music plays just fine. What in the world am I doing wrong???? Please help!!
  2. tracymef

    Photoshow 6 Won't Play All My Pics

    I didn't forget to answer his question. When I came back to post that I had gotten them all to work (so people wouldn't waste their time answsering my post), I saw where he answered me. Please, don't get me wrong, I honestly do appreciate any help I get. I'm not very computer savy so I can use all the help I can get. Another reason I question the whether this is worth the trouble is I have not been able to burn any DVDs. i downloaded the show to my desktop and have tried online also. I have tried everything I know and I have looked up solutions online and nothing is helping. I'm just really getting frustrated.
  3. tracymef

    Photoshow 6 Won't Play All My Pics

    Thanks! I finally got them all to play and now I can't burn the dvd. I am beginning to wonder if this was worth the money!!
  4. I am a premium member and made my first Photoshow with Photohow 6. But it wil not play all my pics. I have deleted some of them since I thought maybe there were too many (there are only about 75)and everytime it stops in the same place. Am I doing something wrong? Does anyone know how I can fix this?