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    Problem Burining Dvd

    I am a new user to PhotoShow. I clicked on the Free Download to test it out because I was wanting software to create slideshows from photos of my daughter's wedding and to be able to apply my own music to it, starting and stopping where appropriate. I created a slideshow using PhotoShow 6.0.0 Build 858 and I was able to set my music as I wanted and arrange the photos in the order I needed them in. I purchased the Premium subscription so I could burn a DVD but when I try to burn it, I get an error code FFFFDC7A. What does that mean? I created a slide show with some of my photos and didn't change anything (none of my own music or order of pictures), attempted to burn that and it worked as well as played back from the DVD. I searched the knowledgebase and did what it said to do when having problems burning a DVD but I still can't do it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can burn DVDs from other software so I don't think it is my burner. TIA for your help. Oh, I created the slideshow on my machine, not online. I started to do it online but it takes forever to upload all these pictures!