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    Deleting Or Trimming Sections In Production

    Thank you for the info. At the defense of the operator (me), I did exactly what the book told me to and the help in the program.....they refered to trimming to cut out portions of the video. ( so I don't think it was ENTIRELY the operator) !! I also tried EXACTLY what you recommended. The only way I could delete portions of the video was through the "split". Anyway, I thank you for your quick response.....whatever way works....I can now move forward on this learning curve.
  2. I can not trim sections between markers. I have tried clicking on first marker, pressing CTRL, clicking second marker, clicking "-" sign. It will not keep the second marker highlighted. I have also tried clicking the track line between the two markers and clicking the trim section(s). It will just trim a very short section of the marked section. Is it me the operator or is there something wrong with the software?