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  1. Hi Brendan, thanks for the swift response and for taking the time to give me a brief tutorial! I had a couple of 'Aha!' moments while reading your post! Its going to change the way I do things. The sheer futility of wasting that kind of time/effort made me realise there had to be a better way of doing things. Plus your information regarding the compression of avi files is especially valuable. thanks again, Mel.
  2. Please forgive this is really simple question. I just need to double check my understanding of how this works. When burning a project to dvd: Does checking the 'Save disc image file' box mean all the avi>dvd encoding gets saved and so the project can be burned again at a later date without having to encode again? Ive wasted 6 hours encoding a disc which then didnt burn correctly (dodgy blank dvd). Am I right in thinking had I saved the image file as an iso- I would be in better shape right now? Does that saved iso then take up the same amount of space on the hard drive as the original files? Thanks in advance. Mel QL
  3. Thanks again Brendan. I love VLC- it plays everything with no issues! I really do appreciate the time and advice specialist forums like these give to 'civilians' like me, who only come looking because there is a problem they need to solve! More over night burning sessions from now on then! Many thanks! Mel QL.
  4. Hi Brendan, Thank you so much. The Gspot program revealed that the correct codecs were either not installed or undetermined. To confirm this I tried watching the avi with windows media player (Ive always used VLC) and there was sound but no picture. So I downloaded the codecs package and everything is working now! YAY! My only problem now is that encoding and burning takes SO long. Six hours for 2 one hour shows.
  5. Not a single reply in two weeks? This problem is still happening. Can any one help please?
  6. Im not sure what Im doing wrong! Im trying to burn avi files onto a DVD. Ive not had problems before, but Roxio wont accept the files. I get this message: Can some one please help me sort this out. thanks! MQl