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  1. Also if you don't want to get rid of the old videos, say you wanna save some for a montage or something, just to get a usb hard drive 250-500gb, and send everything from the Game Capture to that. You'll never run out of room then! Frankie
  2. yes it does. I think in videowave you can even edit the game volume lower or out completely so you can hear them better if your trying to showcase whiners. Cheers, Frankie
  3. itzSpanky

    Intro To Videos

    Are you looking to do an animated intro? I found a picture and font I liked; took it to microsoft paint; messed with it, saved it, added it to my video the same way you do when you add footage; added music, and I use that. Simple enough, however, if you're looking to do an animated intro talk to cauptain...he seems to know alot about this stuff and is very helpful with everyone.
  4. itzSpanky

    Output Looks Blury

    I haven't encountered this. My tv showed up blurry and someone on here said to reverse the input/output cords and now all is well. My tv image isn't the same quality as it was when I ran straight hdmi to xbox; but its closer than before. Maybe try that. Also, what are your pc specs? Hope to help. Frankie
  5. itzSpanky

    Youtube Uploading Not Working

    Could we get this topic pinned? I had the same problem, instead of clicking the youtube button; click the button to the left, export as; choose your favorite codec setting(i use divx 720p@60fps) name the file and render it. Then upload it FROM YOUR YOUTUBE PAGE, by clicking upload, then click upload now; choose the file, and youtube does the rest of the work for you. Frankie