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  1. powerbook911

    Universal Binary - When?

    Does Roxio have an easy way to become a beta tester, or is it kept pretty much quiet? Thanks!
  2. powerbook911

    Universal Binary - When?

    Hi. I love Toast 7. I use it all time time. One of the best purchases I've made. However, I really need or want universal binary. My iMac Core Duo is so fast that I know a universal binary version would absolutely fly. When do you think we'll see this? I hope soon!
  3. powerbook911

    Any Update On Dual Binaries?

    Hi everyone, Has there been any update on when we will see a dual binary update, for Toast 7? Although it certainly works on my intel Core Duo, multiplexing and disk writing really locks my system up (compared to my Powerbook G4 running it natively). The project always turns out fine, but it makes the rest of my machine unresponsive (even with 1.5GB memory).
  4. powerbook911

    Toast 7 And Intel?

    That sounds great. Thank you for the update. Now I only hope EyeTV gets to Intel before too long.
  5. powerbook911

    Toast 7 And Intel?

    Hi Everyone, Well, I ordered one of the new Intel iMacs. Will Toast 7 run under Rosetta? When do you think we'll see Toast 7 compiled for Intel? Will it be a paid upgrade? Many thanks for the help!