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    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and I'd first like to apologize for not introducing myself to the thread for new comers, I couldn't find it. I'm from South Africa by location. I have a Toast 8 Titunum software, within it is a CD Spin Doctor Version All along the Spin Doctor has been running smooth since the first installation on my iMac core 2 duo desktop (Mac OS X Leopard). It ran smooth too when i moved to OS X Snow Leopard. The problem started when I installed OS X Liion, here the CD spin doctor would not allow me to choose recording quality presets (they are disabled). I don't know whether my spin doctor is not supported by os x lion or what. I will appreciate all the help from experts here. I also hope to make meaningful contribution in the forum. I've attached the screen shots showing this problem on my cd spin doctor on both assisted and advanced modes. Thanks.