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    Back On Track Repair Kit

    thank you very much sir, i need all the help on this issue, i just happen to have a small time to recover this netbook. And I relly will be thankfull to you for this help. regards..
  2. Mudaser

    Back On Track Repair Kit

    Hi, I have a HP netbook 110c, and is came preinstalled with roxio back on track, lst night I tried to restore my netbook to initial settings, but it ended up in giving me an error just after booting up saying "bootmgr is compressed". now i have found that it is an identified problem, and hp redirect to a solution by roxio at http://www.roxio.com/go/bootmgrfix but some how when ever i try to download the utility it gives an error The maximum allowable downloads for this update has been reached. This is a temporary restriction. Please check back in a few days. please i am in middle of nowhere and i have to recover my this netbook before i start travelling again in one week, help me in getting this utility.