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    Adding Narration

    Youtube has a mute button, but aside from that, two uploads.
  2. ajnardo


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22BdBZ9y_Xk I love it in AVI. Just curious, can you guys get the editor that comes with Roxio to import AVI files?
  3. Well do you know why mine isn't working? I realize this is technically off-topic, but I'd appreciate it. I've already installed the K-Lite Codec Mega Pack thing that every google search tells me to do, but it didn't help.
  4. It's whichever one comes with Vista. I'll try to update it and let you know if that fixes anything.
  5. Well, I tried to import my AVI files and I got an error message "WMM does not accept this file format." I googled it and it said WMM doesn't accept AVI files. Also, this doesn't really answer my original problem.
  6. Hey Roxio, I've been having problems when I capture to WMV. The video speeds up and slows down randomly and the audio is way off. You know in cartoons when someone talks really fast and there is a high pitch squeaky voice? It sounds a lot like that. When I record in AVI I get no problems whatsoever. Quality is good, audio is good, video is good. Everything's peachy. I need it to record in WMV though, because Window's Movie Maker only accepts WMV files. I plan on editing a majority of these clips. Any help is greatly appreciated. Also, I'd prefer not to have the advice "just record in AVI and convert to WMV" because that's a pain the &%$.
  7. ajnardo

    Interested In Buying

    It's a good product and it's a hell of a lot more wallet-friendly than a Happague and less of a hassle than a dazzle (that kind of rhymes). The best you get is 480p though, but hell that isn't even terrible for the price you pay. Picture is good, sound quality is a bit off in my honest opinion, but if you just turn it down when you render videos it becomes more decent. I really liked that it came with it's own video editor that's pretty straightforward and simple to use. If you use roxio.com/machinima you get $30 off and free shipping which is a hell of a bargain. Lastly, I would be sure to check and double check your system's specs, the requirements are a bit of a joke and if you meet them (like I do) you'll have to turn off everything from internet access to skype for it to not kill your CPU.
  8. Your best bet is probably to upgrade your computer. I'm surprised if it can even run notepad with 504MB of ram.
  9. Hello Roxio Forums, I got my GameCap about two or three weeks ago, but I lost XBox Live for about a week or so, so I hadn't used it much, but I have a problem with videos flickering. Here is a video of the flickering (I don't have a video readily available to display the sound problems I'm talking about, but I'm pretty sure you're familiar with it). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gn153DzVZYY I'm not sure what's wrong exactly. I've tried using both USB ports, unplugging and replugging in all the chords. Going N64 style and blowing on the tips of the plugs. I bought a cooling fan for my laptop so it doesn't overheat anymore. Here's some relevant system specs: 4GB RAM, Intel Core2Duo CPU P8600 2.4GHz, Windows Vista 64-Bit, 74 Gigs of free HD space, NVIDIA GeForce 9400M video card. I have a LCD TV and I play in 1080i, I record in WMV format and I usually have no other programs running in the background. Thank you in advance for any help.