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    Query On Optimizing Video Quality

    Thanks for the clarification and obviously I'm not that knowledgeable in video issues. My problem is that video flie (MPEG) from Easy VHS to DVD Capture is definitely less sharp than just playing the VCR tape on my TV. I assume that quality of a subsequent DVD would be limited by the quality of the input which is my lees-than-ideal MPEG file. What I want is to get a better digital video file off of the VHS output. Burning to a DVD is not a priority. As I wrote above I suspect I'm losing some video quality when it goes through the Roxio USB device (Easy VHS to DVD Capture). There are a variety of higher-end video analog to digital converters (for a lot more money) to choose from, and even spending hundreds of dollars would be less than having a commercial service transfer from a lot of VHS tapes to digital of some sort. thanks again
  2. Hello, I'm a long-time user of Roxio products and finally decided to start converting old VHS tapes to digital format. The 'Easy VHS to DVD Capture' for Mac version 1.0.5 works fine on OS 10.12.2, but I had a general question about vidieo quality: While quality with this approach is reasonable, it's definitely not as sharp as playing the VHS directly to my digital (plasma) TV. I have an old Formac studio dv with firewire connection but video was no better and frankly a bit worse than with Easy VHS to DVD Capture. So is there any other approach that will give sharper video or is this just the price one pays for converting analog to digital? If price isn't the issue, what other options are there? I think the output on the High Setting captures using 6.0 Mbps MPEG-2 video. Since MPEG has some compression features, I wonder if there is some kind of RAW file that would give sharper video using some other more expensive product?? I've seen reviews of (Grass Valley) Canopus ADVC300 Advanced Digital Video Converter but it's discontinued and have no idea if video quality would be better. An acquaintance told me that he thinks using a VHS-DVD combo-recorder for direct transfer to DVD works a bit better. I suppose if this is the case, I could then then convert the DVD to a .ISO file. I can't tell the difference in video quality between a typical DVD and an .ISO file that I rip from it -- so I assume they're equivalent in quality. Thanks!
  3. I noticed that Spin Doctor 1.0 is not Compatible with Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion. The app updated to version 1.01 but still seems to crash OS 10.8.5. So I assume this upgrade doesn't fix compatibility issue?
  4. I am an infrequent user of Toast and usually just use to copy discs and the like. I was wondering if there is a way to extract audio from parts of a Video_TS folder such as 5 minutes of music/soundtrack/audio. I suppose I could use another video file type by converting the movie to mpeg4 and the like if necessary. This is an unprotected Video_TS folder on my Mac and not the DVD itself, but I suppose I could burn a DVD if necessary. I have Roxio Toast 11 Pro and noticed an app called Spin Doctor that contained no manual or help file that I could find. It looks like I can use that to record whatever audio is running on my MacPro5,1 using the "What you hear" option, but I don't know what kind of audio quality this would produce??? I tried to select the "Currently Running" option and DVD Player and remarkably that caused a hard crash in OS 10.8.5. It seems like Toast app should have this option but the sparse manual didn't seem to give me a clear way to do this. Thanks