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    Problems Burning From .cdr Disk Image

    .CDR is Mac equivalent of .ISO, created with Mac Disc Utility. I cannot tell what the files in the Video_TS folder are so I don't know which I want and which I don't. The file list in Popcorn doesn't work. When I click on custom, I get the spinning color wheel and can do nothing but force quit from there. I tried dragging the Video_TS folder to DVD (not Player) in Popcorn instead of loading the image file, but I get the same result. I should have read the reviews on Popcorn 3 before buying. It's a piece of manure like others were saying. Sure as heck won't buy Toast now, and won't buy Roxio product ever again. Tech support is even bigger manure than Popcorn ap, just as others said. Help manual is useless. Glad I didn't waste more than $10 on this piece of manure.
  2. I've updated Popcorn 3 to v. 3.0.4 and am having problems burning from a .CDR disk image files on PowerPC OSX 10.4.11. From 4.19 GB .CDR disk image, I could not select Options. Got spinning wheel, but Popcorn completed burn without any change in settings. From 7.72 GB .CDR disk image, I could not select Custom from Video within Options in order to delete some of the titles. Got spinning color wheel. Without change to Video settings, Popcorn crashes before completing burn even though Quality shows "Very Good" after changing Audio to Main (English only) and "Good" before that. I got the following error when Popcorn crashed. Could not record the disc because of a Mac OS Error. Result Code = 1634955892