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  1. unfortunately that link is broken
  2. I haven't really had any problems when editing video files (.avi, .m2ts etc) in Roxio 2012's Videowave. However, I fired it up last night, edited a video file ... then hit the "Export As" button at the top to select what file I want it rendered in and it launched the installer ... and then failed saying it couldnt find file ... then aborted ... only to auto-run the install file again! I repeatedly hit cancel while it tried to run the installer about 4-6 times and then finally I was able to select the file I want it rendered it. So it worked ... but what is the deal with that? Everytime now when I hit the "Export As" button it launches the installer to which I have to keep hitting "Cancel" to stop it .. then it resumes normally.... Any ideas?
  3. Ice Cubez

    .m2Ts Files ...

    I've been editing .m2ts files with this program no problem for about a month now. Today ... for some unknown reason it has decided to stop allowing me to do so. This picture is taken when I attempt to open up a previously saved file. What the hell happened? The only thing I can think of that may have conflicted with it is I recently started watching blu-ray movies with Roxio CINEPlayer, and had to update it. Is this the problem?
  4. Ice Cubez

    Does This Regognize .m2Ts Files?

    Awesome, just saved myself $600
  5. Hi, I am considering buying this program because I want software that allows me to edit .m2ts video files. The only other program I know that allows this is Sony Vegas Pro, which costs around $600 and I am not spending that much on an editing program. So, my question is: Does Roxio Creator 2012 (the videowave part) allow the editing and rendering of .m2ts video files? Thanks
  6. Thanks for your reply. I am actually running a certain program during capture and I wasn't doing this before, so it may well be the problem. The program is called "E2ESoft Virtual Sound Card". It's basically a "Fake" Sound Card and allows me to channel the Roxio Game Capture Audio and my plugged-in Microphone Audio into one channel (I then select this "Fake" Sound Card as the audio input for Roxio - thus, allowing both the Roxio Game Audio + Microphone to be recorded at the same time) Why am I doing this you ask? Because it is the only way to do Live Commentaries. I do get slight audio 'hissing' between cut-scenes for some reason when I watch my captured footage, but I can deal with that (the 'hissing' doesn't occur during gameplay or the actual cut-scenes - God knows why.). My computer specifications are above-and-beyond what is required so that is not the issue; to give you an idea, I have 16GB of RAM installed and a 3GB NVIDIA Graphics card with a 3.1GHZ Intel Core i7 processor. I will try a capture without the "E2ESoft Virtual Sound Card" Program running and post the results. But I think you're right. This is probably what's doing it ... which is dissapointing, because the amount of time i've spent trying to get live commentary working is insane.
  7. I have attached 3 pictures: (of me editing the captured footage) As you can see by the pictures: Frame Before is at: 00:20:07:16 (first pic) The NEXT FRAME is where the PROBLEM occurs (second pic). As you can see the image is completley screwed up with funky colours. This occurs for exactly 1 frame position at 00:20:07:17 And I have included the Frame Just After that (third pic), as you can see at position 00:20:07:18 .... thus, returning to normal again. What is causing this to occur all of a sudden? I have not changed anything. This problem occurs for exactlty 1 frame position then goes back to normal. It has happened up to 4 times in one video at seemingly random intervals; and each time, for exactly 1 frame position. It is barely noticeable, but it is ANNOYING as this was not happening before. I have replaced my XBOX 360 component cables with new ones to see if they were the problem. But, it didn't seem to fix anything. Thanks
  8. I decided to give the patch another go because I wanted the ability to control roxio's recording volume (something you couldn't do pre-patch) So I fiddle around with the volume slider for the Roxio Game Cap till I get it to a level im happy with. I hit record ... then boom ... the sound stops ... instantly. Why? I'm just about done with this now. Problem after Problem after Problem ... time to pick up the Hauppage HP PVR ... The amount of hours, days and weeks ive spent tinkering and testing with this program ... with no positive result, has left me partially insane. F%&k Roxio Game Cap.
  9. Dude. This works perfectly ... I'm angry I didn't discover this previously ... I have a question regarding it though: Is there anyway to alter the volume of both the roxio/microphone via the E2ESoft VSC software? (so I can balance game sound with my voice .. nothing worse than game sounds being louder than your voice) Cause I notice in the options menu it says "Enable volume control for VSC" but I don't see any volume sliders appearing there .... Maybe i'll just have to tinker some more .... P.S. And for some reason I have to select "three channels" to get two to appear .... if I select one channel I cant do anything ... weird .. and as expected, selecting two channels only allows me actually use one ...
  10. I followed the guide to a tee. However when I select "Stereo Mix" as the audio output in the roxio capture program I lose the video signal ... any ideas? I also get horrible Microphone echoing ... Seriously I think the only way to do this is record the video, and record your voice using audacity, then sync it up. It won't be synched 100% but it's better than nothing ...
  11. Ice Cubez

    Mute While Recording Not Available

    I just did a capture yesterday for the first time after downloading and installing the new patch. And yep ... I like to mute the sound during capture. For some reason, like you mentioned ... I am no longer able to do this. Tomorrow I will be un-installing and re-installing the software. And I will not be downloading the patch. I don't understand why this was necessary .... when recording now I have to turn my tv volume off otherwise im getting 'double' sound (my tv sound and roxio capture preview window sound) which is absolutley terrible.
  12. Ice Cubez

    Capture Old Xbox Games On Xbox 360 ...

    Nevermind, PAL_B and 460I/576I setting worked ok. Unfortunately though, playing Manhunt on the Xbox 360 has a problem. If any of you have played it, you cannot hear Starkweathers voice .. UNLESS, you have your xbox 360 headset plugged in ... then it comes in via the chat channel. However, their is no way or recording this (as it doesnt come through speakers at all). Might just do the PC version ...
  13. Hi, I have been capturing game footage on my xbox 360 for a while now with success. I have now decided I want to start capturing gameplay from "Manhunt (Xbox)". This is an ORIGINAL xbox game that works on the xbox 360 ... However, when I try to start capturing it, the screen is a messy signal. The sound is fine .. but there is no picture. I have tried ALL combinations of PALB,C,D, SECOM, NTSJM .. etc etc .. to no avail. I have switched my component cable's switch from "HDTV" to "TV" and managed to get a picture, however it was rather grainy and the audio was 'crackly'. I managed to get it going like this on one of the PAL settings and "480I/576I" as opposed to "480P/576P/720P/1080I". So ... the question is, is it possible to capture old xbox games on the xbox 360 using roxio game capture? Because I just cant seem to get the settings right ... even though I can capture normal xbox 360 games no problem using the 'NTSC_M' setting. Thanks, IceCubez
  14. Ice Cubez

    Adding Narration

    I have a question regarding roxio's narration to add commentaries. Do I have the ability to allow the user watching my video to turn on/off my narration at will? For example, if I capture some game footage, add commentary, then upload it to youtube ... is there anyway for someone watching the video to turn off the narration? Because not all people like commentaries. Or will I have to re-upload the same video without narration? Thanks.