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    I've been using EZ CD Creator since version 4 and have always considered it to be the best CD/DVD burning software on the market. When you guys started bundling other apps like photo authoring, video players, sound editors and such, I previously chose NOT to include these during the installation process. I have other programs for those processes such as Adobe PhotoShop and Sony Vegas. I just purchased and installed Roxio Creator 2012. Unless I missed it, I was not given an option NOT to install all the unwanted applications. Now that it's installed, I've found Roxio Burn.exe and RoxioBurn Launcher.exe in my processes along with several new desktop icons and a dozen Roxio applications in my program list. As much as I like your CD/DVD burning software, I don't like this. What I would really like is an option to ONLY install your CD/DVD burning software, and I'd like it if that software only created processes WHILE I'm burning a disk and not every time I turn on the machine. Since I only burn CD/DVD's once every few months, it's not a good use of system resources to have roxio applications running in the background. Please consider this with future versions of your software. Thanks, Gary Jorgenson Robin Technologies, Inc