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  1. clanp

    ISO Burn Issue

    yes it was . This may be even simpler. https://techreviewstricksandtips.wordpress.com/2016/09/13/how-to-extract-sacd-iso-to-flac/ I will try it later Mick
  2. clanp

    ISO Burn Issue

    Ok , so my OPPO Player is a top of the range Blu Ray machine with SACD capability . We were lamenting the failure of SACD in Japan so my man may have thought it was a good suprise to give me some SACD files . (he stated at the time that he owns over 60 SACD discs and that they are regularly released in Japan. I did look at a website he suggested but they were between 90 and 200GBP to buy and import into the Uk which was a bit prohibitive. This is now beginning to make some sense. So thanks Bendan et all for the rapid replies /solutions. i will look through the suggested links and see if I can suss out a solution . Still don't understand at the moment why i couldn't just Burn the ISO to a disc and it would play . i will come back if i find a working solution Mick
  3. clanp

    ISO Burn Issue

    sorry chaps away on business for a few days. Whilst in Japan a few weeks ago a colleague from there said he would put some tracks I enjoyed listening to on a CD for me (Japanese music) I haven't got an e-mail address for him before anyone asks When I got it home he has burnt them on a DVD in ISO format. I used "burn disc image" from the programme and it completes without any issues but when I put it in my player (OPPO 205) it says "Disc Unknown". I also tried burning it as a DVD disc which again it completed without issues and when I put it in my machine I can see a couple of photo files but none of the music is accessible. It will not allow me to burn onto a CD. I extracted the files with PeaZip onto my hard drive. There are several 2CH files and 1 MCH file. Tried playing these on Media Player Classic with no joy. I also tried putting them on a USB drive and playing them on my OPPO but they don't come up in the file list Could they be corrupted ? Any help would be much appreciated
  4. clanp

    ISO Burn Issue

    HI , I want to burn an iso file (Music) to a DVD to play on my DVD player . Using Disc image it burns without issues but my DVD player says "Disc not found" I don't have any such issues when burning a CD with music etc Can anyone help with what i am doing wrong? Mick
  5. clanp

    Drive Not Detected

    Hi all, thanks for all your help but could never get it to work , Took it back and swapped it for a certain package named after a Roman leader . Have used Roxio since version 4, many years back , very dissapointed , but at least it works ,
  6. clanp

    Drive Not Detected

    Hi everyone , Thanks for all the suggestions but still not having any luck , Again have been using Windows Media Player to write discs succesfully so it seems as if it is the programme . Tried to reload my previous version (9) last night to see if it made any difference and all it did was totally XXXXk my Windows7 64bit due to an incompatability with Sonic Solutions So I borrowed my neighbours 2011 Roxio Pro and installed it ( now uninstalled !!) and i have the same problem - on trying to run burn audio CD or any other programme - drive not detected . The point of the exercise being that I don't think the programme is at fault here Anyone got any other ideas ?
  7. clanp

    Drive Not Detected

    Hi thanks for your help , see below , IDE\CdRomHL-DT-ST_BD-RE__GGW-H20L________________YL03____ IDE\HL-DT-ST_BD-RE__GGW-H20L________________YL03____ IDE\CdRomHL-DT-ST_BD-RE__GGW-H20L________________ HL-DT-ST_BD-RE__GGW-H20L________________YL03____ GenCdRom Drive is shown as HL-DT-ST BD-RE GGW-H20L ATA DEvice
  8. clanp

    Drive Not Detected

    Hi thanks for all your help , Burner is an internal . it worked fine with Roxio 2009 and i've upgraded , tried the device manager thing was detected on startup but no luck i'm afraid . still only shows my DVD ROm Drive. Warning message in drop down menu "no drive detected" I wrote a disc in Windows Media Player last night and it was fine
  9. clanp

    Drive Not Detected

    it shows my dvd rom drive but not my blu ray writer , Blu ray writer is showing in device manager as says it is working corectly
  10. Hi all, I have Roxio Suite 2012 and when i open programme to burn a disc it says "drive is not detected" Has anyone any idea why / Programme is up to date . Windows is a fresh install. Discs burn fine in Windows media Player