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    How Do I Delete A Project?

    Duh. Problem solved. Thanks, tsantee in Eugene. Sorry to be such a rube, but there is no mention of deleting projects in the getting started guide, or anywhere in help that I could find. I didn't realize that those huge Roxio converted items files were automatically deleted upon exit from Toast, which was my concern. Here is how "helpful" the user manual is: "Maximum bit rate: Sets the maximum bit rate for the video encoder." The end. Everything I ever wanted to know about what it is and how to use the maximum bit rate. So if you want to write a book, I'll buy it. Otherwise, I may be seeking your help in the future. Thanks again! Richmale in Lake Oswego.
  2. Richmale

    How Do I Delete A Project?

    Is it possible to delete .disc projects? Also, is there ANY good book out there that really explains how to use Toast?
  3. If this doesn't mean that Toast now allows Chapters titles (like "Me at the Beach") to be imported from QT movies and applied as a label to the scene/chapter menu, then what does it mean? Everything I've read says Toast does not import Chapter titles (I'm talking titles, not markers).