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  1. david gideon

    Toast 12 Still Not Able To Mount .sd2F Images

    Finally the just-released update has fixed this CD-image mounting bug, at least for me. Hooray.
  2. david gideon

    Error With Open Image

    Yes the latest update finally solves the awful CD-image mounting bug. Hooray!
  3. david gideon

    Cds More Than 74 Minutes

    Problems not addressed, let alone solved, after nearly a full year. I guess Toast is pretty much a dead duck.
  4. It looks like they decided to renew their domain because the bias website is back up as of today. You should be able to authorize your software now, not sure that you even need use the 'alternate authorization' method it might work more smoothly the standard way since the servers appear to be back online.
  5. Well no sooner do I report the above than the domain for bias-inc.com comes up as having expired just a coupla days ago! So I guess unless they renew it (which they probably would've done by now if they intended to) the authorization process is permanently unavailable. This means that newly obtained software cannot be made to work. Currently authorized software will continue to function on the computer(s) it's authorized for. But it cannot be run on any other computers because there is no way to authorize additional machines to run the software. I'm not looking forward to the day when I need to switch to a new computer, and all my Bias software becomes worthless.
  6. Bias's authorization servers have gone down for a few relatively brief periods (just recently they were down for a day or two), but they are up now and usually are most of the time. As far as I can tell it's still possible to authorize Bias products via bias-inc.com. It's possible that a bundled version of a Bias app uses some different authorization procedure and that may be an extra kink in the procedure.
  7. david gideon

    Cds More Than 74 Minutes

    So nothing has been done on this? I'm constantly quitting Toast and swapping out prefs files in order to use discs of different sizes. Since this bug has been present since Toast 11 appeared and apparently Roxio or whoever has for sure known about it for nearly two months why has nothing been done to address it? (For that matter I also have the bug of not being able to mount .sd2f files reported in another thread, and that one has been around just as long.) Grumble grumble grumble.
  8. david gideon

    Cds More Than 74 Minutes

    That sounds like good news! Thanks much and I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  9. david gideon

    Cds More Than 74 Minutes

    I remember trying 'disc info' but don't remember how it read and do remember that it didn't do anything to fix the problem. I have several previous incarnations of Toast but from what I can tell they all use the same prefs file...I have only Toast 10 on my Mac mini and it of course burns 70m CDs w/o problem, but I haven't tried switching between 10 and 11 on my main machine. A good idea and will look into it this weekend. Thanks!
  10. david gideon

    Cds More Than 74 Minutes

    Well, after upgrading from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion, doing a complete reinstall of Toast 11, and applying the latest update, I figured I try once again to get it to let me make an 80m CD. Here's a shocker...the problem remains. Nobody from Roxio or Corel or whoever's in charge these days cares to help me solve it so I did some more testing and at least came up with another data point about when it happens. To recap, T11 insists that audio CDs are 650mb and wants to split everything more than that onto 2 CDs even if I have a 700mb blank inserted. Only trashing prefs and restarting gets it to see 700mg as the capacity of the CD. What's new is this: If after trashing the prefs and getting it to accept 700mb as the size I burn a 700mb CD, then the next project will retain that and let me burn another 700mb CD. However, if I insert and burn a 650mb CD T11 then thinks that is the size of whatever new project comes next, and splits any content beyond 650 onto two CDs...even when I have a 700 CD blank inserted and ready to use. The only way to get it to recognize 700mb blanks again is to quit, trash prefs, and restart. I think one reason some people haven't been able to reproduce this problem is they may not have any 650 blanks handy; they are much more uncommon than they used to be, but I still use them because for critical audio work they are a tad more reliable than 700s. So if all you have are 700mb blanks, T11 will never misbehave. It will always read and recognize 700mb. But as soon as you burn to a 650mb CD it writes some gobbledegook to the prefs file and considers every audio CD you want to burn from there on to be limited to 650. Since this didn't happen with any previous version of Toast how hard can it be to isolate and correct it? Whether it's hard or not, nobody at Toast HQ has cared about it for over a year now. And I wouldn't be surprised if T12, if and when it comes out, will inherit this problem also. Meanwhile, I'm hoping someone who's expert enuff at what's in the prefs file and can get their hands on a few 650mb CD blanks, can duplicate and/or isolate what's going wrong and maybe get the attention of the support dept. They aren't listening to me that's fer sure!
  11. david gideon

    Cds More Than 74 Minutes

    I don't know why this is marked as 'topic solved'. I started this topic and it sure ain't solved for me. Just today once again I opened Toast 11 and burned a 650mb audio CD. When I deleted that CD project and started a new one, it told me space available was 650mb, NOT 703. Even when I inserted an 80m CD into the Mac--and Toast 11 Recognized it as 703mb--it still told me there's only 650mb on it and split my tracks over two discs. Once again I had to quit, trash the prefs, and restart to get it to read space available 700. So no, this topic is NOT solved. I contacted Roxio support, had email contact and twitter contact with 'toastguy', sent him all the files he requested, have installed every regular update, and this #@!%! problem still recurs. I don't know what happened to 'toastguy' but he's not answered my tweets and never got back to me about the files he asked me to send. Apparently nobody cares that for the first time in my experience, the current version of Toast can't reliably burn a 70m audio CD, which only happens to be what the program was originally created to do.
  12. david gideon

    Cds More Than 74 Minutes

    When I opened Toast today it said 650 mg...because the last time I had it open I burned a CD, and once you burn a CD, it goes to 650. So I closed Toast, trashed the prefs, and launched it again, and it read 702 again. Which it will do up until the time I burn a CD. Then it will revert to 650 and require trashing the prefs.
  13. david gideon

    Cds More Than 74 Minutes

    Thanks for letting me know your experiences on this. However I don't think my problem is one of Toast not recognizing disc media sizes. As soon as I burn a CD and Toast spits it out, it resets itself to 650 mb maximum--before I have a chance to insert a new disc. So it's not misreading the disc size.
  14. david gideon

    Cds More Than 74 Minutes

    OK so here it is now over four months and no change. I have the latest Toast 11 and it still has the same problem. Unless I trash the prefs and restart, it wants to limit all CDs to 74m (650) and will split anything of 74 as if 80m (703 mb) CDs did not exist. This problem is new to Toast 11; it does not happen in Toast 10. In addition to posting this I filed a report with support, and communicated with one of the Toast team (he's on twitter as @ToastGuy) and sent him a copy of my pref files at his request. And yet, after four months, no change whatsoever. Toast 11 is useless for burning audio CDs unless they are all limited to 74m or less, or unless you want to quit, trash prefs, and then restart between every CD. This is as bad a job at customer support as I've seen, and I've seen some doozies. If this problem is unique to me, I'd like to know that. If it isn't, I'd like to know that too. I'd just like to know what Roxio is doing about it.
  15. david gideon

    Cds More Than 74 Minutes

    Surprise. I opened Toast 11 this morning and the problem was back. Once again it was insisting that all audio CDs were 650mb and limited to 74m, breaking a 78m audio CD onto two 650mb discs instead of one 700mb disc. So I had to trash the prefs again and go thru the (brief but annoying) set-up routine yet another time to fix the problem. I guess this bug isn't dead yet.