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    Another Bemused Beginner

    Many thanks indeed, Jim. I am going to have a good play with everything now and hopefully you won't hear from me for a while. I will leave the topic open for a while.
  2. rufford18

    Another Bemused Beginner

    Thanks for your replies guys, sorry for delay. My daughter got married on Saturday so have been busy and worse for wear. Whether I ever get the video done remains to be seen as I am too big a dummy to even do a simple slideshow! And Jim, thanks for your latest, I should get this done fairly quickly now. Now I will answer your earlier queries & comments as best I can. Screen res is 1600x900 (recommended) and will not go higher although there are lower options. If I have to change it every time I use C2011, I will stay disappointed. I didn't jump all over the map, I only followed the direction the tutorial and the program led me. Yes, I did study the slideshow tutorial first. Then I followed Home > Photo > Create Slideshows, which not only seems logical but is also the way demonstrated in the tutorial. This leads you to Slideshow Assistant which any dummy would expect from its title to be the one to create a slideshow. I didn't even know about Videowave until I looked up properties for the Slideshow files that I found in MyDocs. How would I since it's not in the tutorial? I have not consciously used Videowave up to this point. Below are the files I have in MyDocs. I am quite sure I did not create these as I would not have saved them in this location and I would have named them better if I knew they were going in there. I still don't understand how or why I have got 4 versions of each file type as I have only worked on one project and these do all seem to relate to it! Below are the files I have in MyPics. This IS where I think I deliberately saved them and I did not rename them as they are in the same folder as the photos used in creating the show. Yes, they are large files as I did start with a show of about 700 pics! Maybe this was running before I could walk but it honestly didn't look too difficult from the tutorial. In fact it hasn't been difficult as such – just confusing. E.g. (i) Files named Cinemagic when there is no such app in the suite, but open with MyDVD. (ii) Files named Slideshow that open with Videomagic, an app not yet used. (iii) Slideshow.dat files as well as Slideshow, more than doubling used disc space (although I do have enough). (iv) Multiple versions of the same project files, which shouldn't happen, but somehow it has. (v) Files created by MyDVD app named Cinemagic in one place but DVD Project File in another. It's the program itself that seems all over the map and not very logical ! Regarding soundtrack, below is screen shot of the Audio window from Slideshow Assistant. The smartsound track chosen is only 30 seconds long (as are all the others I've tried) but the loop option is greyed out and does not work. So how can I get a one hour soundtrack? Anyway, since your replies I have had a better look, but only quickly so far, at Videowave and it does seem a good starting point as you have advised. I see it does have Cinemagic Assistant and Slideshow Assistant options though – so can you confirm that you are advising to steer clear of these? But instead always start with Add Photo/Video? Would it be possible to open all the Slideshow files I already have (one by one) in Videowave to compare and see which is best to continue with? And then is it safe to delete the rest? Alternatively, depending on your replies, I might decide to scrap everything and start over with Videowave from scratch. I will restart with a new MyDVD anyway. Any further answers greatly appreciated, thanks. PS I have now had a look at Jim's workflow post which is excellent – I just wish I'd known about it earlier. I am also slowly working through Karri's equally brilliant VW tips. But I wouldn't be surprised if there are more queries to come.
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    Another Bemused Beginner

    Thanks for the replies guys. I now have a problem with posting a reply! I created a post in Word (.docx) so I could include some screenshots But an error message said I could not upload this type of file. So what file types can I upload? I cannot find this info anywhere. How do you include screenshots in posts? Thanks.
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    Another Bemused Beginner

    Just started with Roxio Creator 2011 Pro. I think I have managed to create a photo slideshow and a DVD project although I haven't burnt anything yet. But it's not easy is it? Go on - admit it! I have not found the help sections very user friendly. Before I try to go further could I ask for some advice on a few basic things that are bugging me? Your time and help will be much appreciated. Firstly, the home page (and others) don't fit on my screen so, for example, the learning centre button is hidden below the bottom taskbar. (I know I can access it via the Help drop-down). This may be a general computer problem rather than program specific, but it's quite frustrating that a 2011 program is not immediately compatible with a Windows 7 laptop. All my other programs are OK in this regard so I don't know how to fix it! Next, I can't get the sound to match the length of the show. All the music clips in Videowave seem to be quite short but the tick box to loop the track is greyed out. What's wrong here? Is it easier to add a music file of my own obtained elsewhere? Finally, somehow I've got lots of file versions saved. In MyDocuments I've got Slideshow, Slideshow.dat and CineMagic all with four versions - blank, 0, 1 and 2??? I've no idea how they got there. I did open and re-save the slideshow and DVD project more than once but normally when you re-save most programs just keep the latest version, so why all these? Also in MyDocuments there is a Roxio Projects folder which Creator must have put there (don't think I made it) but it's empty. Why aren't the files saved in that folder instead of MyDocuments itself? Now, just to add to this confusion, I've also got in MyPictures one of each file Slideshow, Slideshow.dat and DVD Project File. I think I saved these myself deliberately in there but now I'm not sure which is the latest. Do you think I can safely delete the ones in MyDocuments? Incidentally, the DVD Project File is .dmss, not .dmsd like the CineMagic ones. What's the difference, why 2 file names and 2 file extensions both apparently created by MyDVD? Which one should I proceed to burn? I'm sorry, on reading again this all sounds a bit long-winded. Hopefully there are simple answers that I am just missing.