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  1. I am running the latest version of Creator 2011 and have recently installed a LG BH12LS38 Blu Ray drive on my Win 7 64bit machine. Everything on the system, drive firmware and Creator is up to date and it all works. BUT The MyDVD program can't even semi-correctly SWAG an estimate of disk space. Scenario: Open MyDVD, start a 2D Blu Ray project, select Disc size: Blu-ray 50GB, select Quality: Same as Original (we're making archives of old home videos) Add 5-8 .avi movies of about 2 hours in length (720x480 ~2885 kbps data rate, 29 frames/sec, 1024kbps Audio, 2channel/stereo) I UNDERSTAND that the .avi needs to be converted to .avc (h.264) for the burn. Either the disk space estimate is completely wrong or the system is changing the compression or quality when it burns the disk. I create disks that MyDVD expects to be WAY OVER according to the space remaining bar at the bottom of the screen and when they are burned they take up about 30-35 GB out of the 50GB space on the disk. I'm creating archives of home movies here and I want to fill as much of the disks as possible while keeping the highest quality. Is this inaccuracy a known issue in the software? Is there a fix?