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  1. Ingeborg Nordén

    "play All" Option Possible For Chaptered Movies?

    Got 2011 reinstalled and running (and I only use the DVD-related programs anyhow). Thank you for the pointers!
  2. I'm working on a DVD project that divides two movies into eight chapters each. Is there a way to structure the menu so that viewers can choose any of the following -- Play one of the movies in full without selecting a chapter Play both movies in full without selecting a chapter Select and play from a chapter menu as usual
  3. Ingeborg Nordén

    .dmsd File Conversion

    The only file format that works like a DVD, as far as I know, is a disk image (.iso file). As long as your device has a program which can mount and read disk images like the real thing. you should be able to play the files. Just use the Burn Project option to create an.image from the .dmsd data (choose the second checkbox when the options come up). Best of luck!
  4. Ingeborg Nordén

    Does Nxt 4 Not Save/load Homemade Menus? (Split)

    I'll give the "parallel reinstall" a shot.; NXT 4 did indeed remove Creator 2011. And yes, I'm running Windows 10...thanks for asking.
  5. Today I decided to upgrade from 2011 Pro to (plain) NXT 4, hoping that I'd be able to finish a DVD project instead of crashing whenever I tried to divide a movie into chapters. NXT 4 solved the crash problem, fortunately...but I miss being able to save homemade menu themes (like the ones I'd designed for disks of a favorite TV show, with fonts and background music to match). Is being able to design themes a Pro-only feature? If it is, I'd feel terrible asking my folks to pay for another download! *sigh*
  6. Ingeborg Nordén

    Mydvd Video Lab 10 Install Interrupted

    I'm using Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 3, on a Dell Inspiron 530 with 3 GB of RAM. The OS is the same that came with the machine (other than the SP3 updates). The interrupt message appears in the attached screenshot. (During my latest attempt, setup began rolling everything back when it hit the Cineplayer Decoder Pack--despite my not selecting Cineplayer in the custom installation list.)
  7. I am having trouble reinstalling an old copy of Roxio MyDVD Video Lab 10. My PC has enough space and memory; the serial number is good; and the same program has installed/run on the same PC years ago. Now, however, the installation always fails (ending in a rollback/interruption); and the failure message gives no specific reason or troubleshooting hints. Could someone please help me fix whatever is causing the interruptions? Many thanks!
  8. I recently had to re-install Easy Media Creator 9 after the hard drive got wiped out...but not even Roxio's online store carries the additional menu styles I used to have for DVD creation. Does anyone in cyberspace still sell the old packs (or better yet, offer them for free)? Please let me know!
  9. Ingeborg Nordén

    Trouble Changing Color Schemes

    Whenever I try to change color schemes for a new menu design, the program doesn't do what the help files imply: I highlight the title link I want to change, go to Settings, and look for the color-scheme selector. Clicking on the colored squares of a scheme does nothing, though; and those squares are the closest thing to a scheme button I've found so far. Am I overlooking some obvious step? Please help! (For what it's worth, I'm running Creator 2012 on a PC with WinXP Home Edition.)