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  1. I am not having any luck with 2011 creator pro, after 6 hrs with chat at roxio I finally got the avi files to load but now the burner hangs at 8% and no matter how long you wait it does not burn, have been reading the discussions and I believe that the best option is to get a refund and look for something else as the discussions don't seem to settle many of the issues. My program is 24 hrs old and I have spent over 12 hrs in total trying to get it to burn a file. most of the shows I download are avi and all the files I have downloaded all play on VLC and Media player and Nero 9. any advice before I throw in the towel. I had creator 9 and loved the program but the mother board blew and the new machine has 2 terabyte hard drive and 6 gig ram and 2 storage drives of 500G. Windows 7 doesn't support creator 9 so I bought 2011, and thus started the adventure. I am learning alot though