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  1. Yes, that version http://www.roxio.com/enu/company/3d/cineplayer.html but right now the web is a little mess to find it, I bought it some time ago, it's Cineplayer 3D with Blu-ray version playback, in url which you post they only say DVDs. You can get the update using the 'update option' when you launch the program. PS: Sorry for any inconvenience, I post it here in this category because there isn't an exact one for this product.
  2. Hello, good news! There is a new critical update (January 2012) for Cineplayer BD 5.8 which can play Star Wars BD movies right now.
  3. Thank you for info So right now, if I want to watch these movies I need to buy another software... what a mess!
  4. It looks and sounds great for a ~ 30 years old movies and prequels even better. About the issue, it seems is not only a BD keys outdated, because with older version of Cineplayer BD (5.6) the program shows an image you must upgrade it, but with the newer (5.8) no images, only black screen. It's strange because only movie discs (BD) can't be played, but the extra (interviews, documentaries...) discs (BD) yes. And I think they have all same BD keys. So waiting for a software update, technical support can't solve it rigth now. Thank you for your answers.
  5. I purchased it separately. It is the Blu-ray version of this product: http://www.roxio.com/eng/store/dvdplayersdecoders.html http://www.roxio.com/eng/products/cineplayer/bd/overview.html As I said previously, I didn't find a category of this product on this community for posting it, sorry for that. PS: I had send a ticket (support) but I ask for if somebody has this same issue.
  6. Hello, I didn't find an exact category for this product so I post it here. My issue is Cineplayer BD 5.8.R9 version cannot play new Star Wars Blu-ray movies (9-disc saga edition), it simply hangs up when you try to play them. However, it can play blu-ray extra discs but not movies (episodes from I to VI). When you press Play button (Cineplayer), it reads discs a bit, but always a black screen is showed and if you want to close program you must kill it from task bar. My discs are in good state, it works in a BD player and in a PS3 (console). I don't have this issue with others BD movies using this program. I have the last update installed. Any ideas or someone with same issue? Thanks :-) PS: I believe program needs an update, maybe it is a problem with old keys, DRM or that kind of stuff (protected copies).