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    Slideshow Portrait Pics

    Thanks for that and possible solution. However don't want it to be an ongoing issue for future client slideshows from the camera, so have done some testing. Unsure at mo wether the camera/card is the problem so seeking clarification from Canon re camera orientation and SDHC output. Somehow I doubt it, because portrait orientation works fine with all the photo apps I am using, along with web/print output. In meantime tried importing same pics into iPhoto, created album and used it for the slideshow. Portrait orientation fine. So then set up new Toast DVD project and dragged original photos straight to the Video DVD content area and all portrait pics were landscape. Seems that when using a SDHC card with a Canon 60D camera, it does not allow for portrait orientation in Toast 11. According to the Toast 11 manual, pp88, clause 5, this is standard procedure. 5. Add photo or video files to the disc by dragging and dropping them into the Content Area from your hard disk or the Media Browser. Don't know where the problem is - ie Toast or the camera/card. Whatever - seems iPhoto has driver for the 60D and recognises portrait orientation and acceptable for Toast slideshow. So will continue to use iPhoto as solution until I find or hear of alternative.
  2. keza

    Slideshow Portrait Pics

    Thanks for test. The photos were dragged manually to desktop folder from 16GB SanDisk card inserted into iMac running OS 10.6.8. Photos then split into 15 folders based on alphabetical events, then dropped into Toast Media window. So all photos were originals and there has been no intervening editing process with another app. When the event folders were dropped into the Toast Media window, they ended up as 28 'My Slideshow x' folders numbered sequentially from 1-28. Understand extra folders based on 99 files per slideshow limit. Then re-named My Slideshow folders based on original event content but added numeric extension where required - eg a1, a2 etc. Noted that the portrait photos were showing as landscape in the edit mode but given they were portrait in the Toast Media preview window, and there was no rotation option, assumed they would be corrected with burn process. However ended up with edit portrait version, as opposed to media preview version.
  3. keza

    Slideshow Portrait Pics

    Just upgraded to Toast 11 and dragged around 800 pics onto toaat for slideshow and burn to DVD for playing on TV. Everything works fine, with chapters etc when playing on the DVD player. That is until I encountered the first portrait pic which has been rotated to landscape. Sad to say so have all the rest. The DVD took around an hour to burn so not happy at mo. Originals are portrait in Preview on Mac so no problems there. Seems all portrait pics are rotaited when converting them through Toast 11. Cant find anything in Toast edit mode to rotate them. Is this a known bug or am I missing something. Would appreciate any help with this - thanks.