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    Matshita Dvd-R Uj-898 - Unknown Bus

    Thanks for your feedback Is there no fix for the macbook pro or do I have to shell out for a new version. Toast is overkill for me I only need it to fit DL DVD's onto standard single layer DVD. Popcorn 2 did it well on my old computer So if there is a simple fix for this, it would be great
  2. theflb

    Matshita Dvd-R Uj-898 - Unknown Bus

    Get error message and cant burn anything. popcorn MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-898 - unknown bus If this is popcorn 2, what I want to know is do popcorn 3 or 4 support MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-898 I really cant afford the upgrade if it doesnt support the new macbook pros