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  1. I have used Toast 11 for years under MAC OS 10.9.5 with nary an issue. I shoot HD video, convert to Quicktime and import into Toast to burn Blu-Rays. I edit in Final Cut Express. I just did one two days ago and everything was fine. I just imported an older Q/T video into Toast 11 so that I could make a Blu-Ray since the video was shot before consumer burners were available. When I imported the Q/T into Toast I noted that the chapter thumbnails were cut-off as per the attached screenshot. When I selected a picture to use on the main menu it looked fine, but when I hit "save" it also got truncated/cut-off. Did I hit a switch somewhere? The Q/T is from 1997 but is based on 1440X1080. I went and burned the Blu-Ray anyway and it burned flawlessly except for the truncated stills for the chapters. Anyone have a solution? WSL
  2. WSL

    Daisy Chain

    I am using Toast 11 and a Blu-Ray Burner on my I-Mac. Unfortunately, the I-Mac only has one Firewire 800 port, so I would like to Daisy Chain an external drive through the Firewire 800 port on the burner. My question is: Should I put the burner first in line (out of the I-Mac) or should I put the external hard drive first and then the burner? Or doesn't it matter? The video content files will be on the external drive, while the editing program will be run off of the I-Mac. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  3. WSL

    Blu-Ray Disc Menu Not Functioning

    I had the same problem. After several tries I decided to NOT make a disc image before rendering to Toast. The product then worked fine, and as a matter of fact I made three more Blu-Rays, but I rendered each one separately through Toast. Each works fine. I also throttled toast to a maximum burn speed of 4X, and the Toast process ended up throttling it even more to 1X. That could have been an issue as well. So..... Did you make a disc image first and render through Toast from that? If you did, try just going straight through Toast and let us know what happened.