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    Videowave Help

    yer i no but there is no option which lets you split a video e.g. 1 hour video split in 6 10 mins
  2. Porgeyman

    Videowave Help

    i can upload videos and i have uploaded roxio straight to youtube what i wanted to mailey know is how to split it down
  3. Porgeyman

    Videowave Help

    hey guys please help i have recently bought the roxio and recorded a hour long video but it wont let me post it on youtube please tell me how i could solve this thanks !!!
  4. Porgeyman

    Audio Help

    ok thanks do you know how to split a video up in to sections
  5. Porgeyman

    Audio Help

    Hello Guys me and some friends recently purchased the roxio device to record ps3 black ops gameplay but evertime I record i get this horrible crackiling noise or the sound sounds horrible i dont know how to fix it please help me Skype: Porgeyman PSN: Porgeyman Thanks Porgeyman