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    Creator 2012 And Lp To Mp3

    Hi Jim, It seems to me you are knowledgeable about digitizing cassettes tapes, so I hope you can help me with the following issue: I am using Creator 2012 PRO on Windows 7 operating system and everything works well, except at the end of recording, the track that I was converting, splits and is displayed as 10 or more (depending on the length of the music) separate tracks. Do you know what's causing this? Thank you in advance George
  2. GeorgeGM

    Burn Speed In Roxio Creator 2011

    I just tried TDK, Sony, and Fuji discs, still cannot get the burning speed down to 4. Previous times, I had used one of these three kinds.
  3. GeorgeGM

    Burn Speed In Roxio Creator 2011

    By discs do you mean different manufacturers? yes. Does that matter? I thought Roxio sets the burn speed.
  4. I need to burn some music cd's at lower burning speed of 4.0 The lowest speed I find is 8.0. A few months ago, I was able to find it at 4.0. Please help.