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  1. Does any have a similar problem or hopefully a fix. When I start up Vista I get an error that reads, " This driver is blocked due to compatibilty issues" The driver is ; Sonic Solutions DLA. It appears that this has to do with the loading of Media Manager Services. However I could be wrong. I used this program in Windws XP Pro and it worked OK. Now that I switched to Vista, I have the noted problem. I have attached the error widow and hope you can view it as Iam not to familiar with this site. Also how does one get real Tech support from Roxio Sorry if this has been addressed and Iam too stupid to know where to look #$^@ how do I attach a jpg image?
  2. Comish

    Roxio 9 verses Vista

    Greetings Has anyone had any success installing and runing Roxio 9 with MS Vista ? Works great with MS XP Pro Comish
  3. Oh my is it cold where you are, I did not feel a chill nor am chilled. Other then being very frustrated with a software developer, I think that was the most intent of this message. I certainly did not tell you as per your quote; " 1. i dont know were you think i was say that all users are putz and are silly? and tecnicly dumb?? 2. on the mind readers comment, it did follow on with a sugestion ,not a slap in the face?? 3. i dont work for roxio , im a user like you so take a chill pill. 4. i did not called any roxio or other apps shareware, it was just a refurence to users adding the software they prefure and use on there computers." I am not pissed but feel great sorrow for those that are going through hell and back. Just to install Roxio 9 should be reasonably simple with minor exceptions. That then is the jest of it all. The finger I point is at Roxio/Sonic for lack of seriously helping people with good solid suggestions, and at myself for having been so faithful to purchasing their products forever. In Canada we say all is cool have a good Canadian beer! Regards, Comish ( Peter de Graaf ) Sorry Bud I have tried them all and ended up installing Windows XP Pro on an other hard drive. Roxio 9 now installed OK and on goes the battle the restore my new installation that wheir on the old drive. I feel for you...take a break and re think it out Regards, Comish
  4. Greetings Regarding your message I respond for myself and others who have installation problems. You are quoted as noted. "we all here are not mind readers we cannot know how much PC skill you have to do these tests or fault finding skills you have." I have worked with computers and installed many programs and wish to point out that this is not shareware but a paid for in advance program developed by a company who appears to expect the user to iron out its softwares bugs! Although when Roxio is opperational it is a worthwhile purchase I state that NO PERSON SHOULD HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE INSTALLATION GRIEVE THAT SOME OF US HAVE EXPERIENCED. I rarely have installation problems with other complex software. It should not matter too much as to what skills a person has if this Roxio software is available at many retail outlets. This is not the first time that this Program Developer (Roxio) has released it's software prematurely. I and I suppose others will make us think twice before we leap to a new version upgrade from this company. The Tech help that I received was highly questionable. Seemed to me they could care less. Yes I know that you can install Roxio 9 on a newly installed platform......BUT...we should not have to go that far. I worked backwards using helpfull utilities to no avail. All previously installed programs kept on working. But after cleaning Roxio and Sonic from my system each time prior to a new Roxio install I would continue having the same or very similar problems. So....I started out fresh and I will find out where the conflict is! However...a happy camper I am not. Congrats to those who lucked in with the first time install of Roxio 9. Regards TTYL Comish
  5. Did evering you said and still no luck I loaded V9 also on a clean drive with only windows XP PRO and it worked OK except wont load PhotoSuite I have played with my original drive which ran stable with Roxio V8.5 ...........unloaded many programs..... inluding Firewall,Antivirus,Malware progrmas etc. and Roxio V9.0 runs in a limited fashion......the following features will not load or run. Cinemagic,PhotoSuite,Media Import,Multiphot inhance,Photo Email Asstance, Photoprojects Assistance and SlideShow. I have taking the advices of the Forum members and no LUCK! I opened a Ticket for tech support and they do not respond (ticket # 238867 is still open ) I have paid close to $100 Canadian and Sonic?Roxio could care less!! There was nothing unussual about my system it runs stable and I always update my progams. I am a person who likes to get to the bottem of the trouble.......but this one is a very smelly skunk I think the we are again the trial brigade so that there Programmers sit back and let us figure it out for them I quess I am a bit angry but I had to reload systems for inappropreate reasons Why wont Sonic/Roxio not respond is very shabby Hope Iam not the onlyone having so much grieve Help Please Comish
  6. I must be very dumb to have purchased a new copy barely of the production line. 1) Had major grieve getting it to Download....finally Sonic walked me through.....turn off all protection and bypass the router and then the Downloads start.....Suggest you purchase a backup CD and extra DL time. 2) I didn,t uninstall Roxio 8 and other then a clitch with DivxPlay install Roxio 9 seemed to install very slowly....suggest again you turn off antivirus and other related programs. 3) Although Roxio 9 started and seemed to work well it did crash a few times. Roxio 8 worked OK 4) I unloaded an extensive amount of programs that I thought may give Roxio 9 a problem.....registry ...and tmp files cleaned and install rebooted.....however still buggy 5) Silly me I uninstalled all reference to Roxio 8 and Roxio 9 (including related installs ussing an uninstaller which hasn,t failed me yet. 6) Then reinstalled Roxio 9 and again other the the DIvXPlay issue which cant seem to start according to a missing MFC70U.DLL file ( checked and this file is on my system) all went well. I rebooted the system and again starting up Roxio 9 GUI and the program crashed. So...readers all is not well again with Roxio for me...it must be Back to School time again Any help or insight will be kindly appreciated and I shall also go through the Tech channels for assistance Forum administrator place this topic where it may do the best good Comish