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  1. I have a new HP Envy computer with Windows 8.1. Roxio Creator 9 will not load/run under 8.1. The system states there are "Compatibility" problems with Roxio. Can anyone out there help me?
  2. How do I get gaps out of audio. Several songs and want to play music continuously
  3. There use to be a simple option when adding music to fade in and out each song without having a gap. I can't seem to find that option can you help? I am using Creator 9 with VideoWave.
  4. I have 10 songs on my project....how do I eliminate the gaps between the songs.
  5. I either didn't understand your answer because what I tried didn't work. When I first got this software about 6 years ago there was a simple option to select fade in and out for audio music; but I havent' been able to find that option. Do you know about it, where it is and how to use it?
  6. I have Creator 9 and am using VideoWave to create a DVD. In the production I have a video of 515 picturers and 14 songs. When I preview each the production each song has a few seconds gap between each song. I want to eliminate the gap and change with overlaping or fad-in and fad-out affect. How do you do this?
  7. Can Roxio 2011 or any Roxio product copy video from Beta to DVD?