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    Backup My Pc

    I had the program BackUp My PC. I have not used it faithfully like I should, but I do have a backup on an external hard drive that would give me most of my files back. My old computer died suddenly in a storm. But when I try to restore I get a message saying the program is not compatible with the new OS, Windows 7. How can I retrieve my back up? Please help. I am so discouraged.
  2. achrisvet

    Backup My Pc

    <<if your motherboard fails you can't usually do a system restore to a computer with a different motherboard>> Wow. I had no idea. Thanks for the education.
  3. achrisvet

    Backup My Pc

    The old laptop wouldn't boot up. I took the hard drive to work and the IT guy there hooked up as a second drive to my work computer and was able to retrieve all my files! So all is well! Thanks for your help.
  4. achrisvet

    Backup My Pc

    The hard drive is not responding at all. My IT guy from work lent me a device to read the hard drive by plugging it into the USB port of the new PC, but it's not responding at all. We had been hoping it was just the power supply and motherboard that was fried. I'm not too good at messing with hardware. My husband has an old laptop lying around somewhere. If that will boot up, maybe I'll try restoring to that, then I can transfer the files by USB key. Thanks for your help.