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    How Do You Save A File As A Avchd.

    How do you save a file as AVCHD. I shot the video with Canon Vixia HF S20 and I used Power Director before and I was able to save them as a AVCHD file that when opening for full screen it would fill the whole screen with the video and the quality was perfect. Now using Roxio I don't see a selection of AVCHD listed so I chose AVC better quality, which when played back with windows media player it will not fill my screen with the video like Power Director does. I post the videos on You Tube and the last video posted I used Roxio and it doesn't look as smooth as Power Director produced videos. I find that Roxio is much easier to use then Power Dircector. please help
  2. Brian Eibner

    How Do You Save A File As A Avchd.

    Thanks so much, I thought that I was missing something simple.