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    Rendering Problems

    Oh ok, it's fine now though I've managed to get it into 720p.....somehow lol!
  2. Rise Drags

    Rendering Problems

    But I've seen people on youtube putting it into 720p when the original clip was only 480p and I saved it into a different file when I was changing output files and then when i tried to open that file it said that it was corrupt or something.
  3. Rise Drags

    Rendering Problems

    When I render my videos with video wave to make the quality better it renders them just fine when i click preview but then when I close the rendering tab down, no change has come over the actual production. I do not know what I am doing wrong, please may somebody explain, ASAP. Thanks Sam
  4. Rise Drags

    Youtube Upload

    Nope its really bugging me.
  5. Rise Drags

    Youtube Upload

    Why does, whenever I try to upload a video, it say error code 1576926719 when it reaches 100% on my video upload to youtube?