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    I used the above link and placed the bootfixmgr (or I think that is what it is) on my flash drive and followed the directions from the HP website as mentioned in the first post. However, I cannot get my computer to boot up from my flash drive, even though it is formatted to do so. Could this be because it is a zipped file? When I try to open it before I install it on my computer with the "bootmgr compressed" error that has Roxio installed on it I am directed to "insert the last disk of the mult-volume set and click okay to continue." I would really appreciate some help with this. I was better off before I tried to restore my computer but since I had Roxio I thought it would be the latter. I also am using a HP mini notebook 110c with an error that the bootmgr is compressed with a Sandisk flash drive that is completely empty prior to putting the solution on it. I have it formatted as NTFS and as a bootable device. Again, I could really use some assistance as I am a full time college online college student so I need my computer and this is a huge inconvenience! I also have an optical drive if that would help but according to HP I cannot boot up from that. Thanks!