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  1. roxio MyDVD for Canon Error Message on install with Windows Vista ... "setup has determined that configuration does not support any of the included products" Will Sonic Solutions / Roxio honour this product with an upgrade patch for the software as sold with the Canon camcorder NTSC DC20? Alternativly, are there any instructions which will allow this software to install with Windows Vista? Regards
  2. mr.rod

    Roxio Mydvd For Canon

    The Canon copy was part and parcil with the product, was sold as nessesary part of the equipment. Any idea where to find something that will work in place of if?
  3. mr.rod

    Roxio Mydvd For Canon

    No and No, neither suggestion was of help. Thanks for trying. What a world we live in where companies are not accountable to ensure the consumer is looked after when they spend such large sums for product just to find it is a door stop before they have even used the #$^@ thing.